For less than €100, this Samsung sound bar is the bargain of the day

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Combined with your TV and a sound bar, it is the perfect combo to enjoy a good audio experience during your movie nights at home. And, if your budget is limited, the Samsung HW-T420 costs only 94.99 euros thanks to a promotional code along with an ODR.

A sound bar is a must to improve the sound reproduction of your favorite content on your TV, the audio part of which is often neglected. Samsung has a good number of references, and some show good value for money. This is the case of the HW-T420 model, which is certainly not the most powerful that the brand offers, but it does offer a much more precise and powerful 2.1 rendering than the speakers built into your television. And good news, today it falls below 95 euros after a 55 euro discount.

What to remember about the Samsung HW-T420

  • Powerful, deep bass
  • With 2.1 sound reproduction
  • Dolby Digital and Bluetooth compatible

Starting at €149, the Samsung HW-T420 soundbar is discounted to €129 on the Rakuten site (via seller Boulanger). However, applying the code RAKUTEN15 and the ODR is worth 20 euros, the soundbar is only 94.99 euros.

Price displayed once the code RAKUTEN15 has been applied // Source: Rakuten

cash for price

For its price, the Samsung HW-T420 offers satisfactory audio reproduction. It is a good solution if you do not have a large budget to improve the sound of your television. Its wireless subwoofer delivers deep, powerful bass, while its 2.1 sound reproduction makes it much more efficient than TV speakers.

Its speakers deliver a total power of 150 W, with a deep signature marked in the bass. It’s good for music or a good movie, and promotes immersion. The South Korean manufacturer has integrated a “Smart” mode that improves the sound depending on the content you are watching. There are three other preset modes: Game, Standard, and Surround. Therefore, the sound experience is optimized depending on what you are watching: an action movie, a sports match, a concert, etc. No native Dolby Atmos or DTS:X rendering, but we appreciate that it supports Dolby Digital sound, which will give a surround effect.

Easy to integrate into your interior

With its minimalist appearance, the soundbar will find its place in your living room. As it does not exceed one meter in length, it can be slipped onto the TV stand or attached to the wall. And, at 5.4cm tall, it’s not likely to encroach on any part of the image. As for the subwoofer, it will be separate from the soundbar, but being wireless, you’ll be able to sync up in no time.

For the connections part, it is quite light, you can count on an optical input, but without an HDMI port on this sound bar. It will still be possible to stream sound from your phone to make it a good connected home speaker thanks to its Bluetooth compatibility.

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