Fire TV blocks one of Plex’s best features

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The Plex app allows you to search for any series or movie and show the SVoD services in which the content is available. Unfortunately, Fire TV blocks this feature without offering an alternative.

The Amazon Fire TV interface // Source : Amazon

Fire TV has some reputation issues to worry about: The TV’s operating system has blocked one of Plex’s most important features. It is an application for managing your multimedia files, which also offers a database of audiovisual content (movies, series). But its most interesting feature is blocked by Amazon.

Discover mode stuck on Fire TV

Google TV offers a ” guide » to indicate which streaming platform that movie, series or show is available on. Which avoids having to take out your smartphone or look in each service if the desired content is available. On Fire TV, there is no such mode natively.

Fortunately for users of TVs or TV boxes with Fire TV, there was a way to find out anyway: Plex has a ” Discover released last April and other third-party apps offered it as well. Nevertheless, technological hive indicates that the feature is now blocked on Fire TV.

Netflix on Amazon Fire TV // Source: Amazon

The outlet reports the statements of Scott Hancock, Plex’s vice president of marketing: Fire TV no longer allows applications to establish deep links with other applications. Amazon asked the app to remove the feature and had no further comment. Plex’s Discover, however, continues to work on Apple TV and Google TV.

A blow to Fire TV, even if it is by choice

The journalist from technological hive made no secret of his dismay at Fire TV: System menus are cluttered and ” Does not give you control over the streaming sources that appear on the home screen “. He blames the Amazon system for sponsored ads and recommendations for the services of that same company. He adds that ” There’s also no easy way to pick up a show where you left off, unless it’s from Amazon Prive Video. »

The Amazon Fire TV interface // Source : Amazon

Although Amazon has not hinted at the reasons for this policy change, one can imagine that it is because of a control issue. technological hive It also indicates that Amazon had blocked third-party Fire TV launchers, now it is necessary to bypass the additional blocks set.

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