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Finding a good craftsman close to home is usually a piece of cake. And this is particularly true on the mechanical side. To save you the painful task of surfing the internet while your car is dying, Vroomly offers to direct you to the best craftsman near you. Price list, reviews, availability, the site classifies all the mechanics registered on its platform to allow you to find the rare pearl.

But where can the nearest garage be? // Source: Unsplash

Is your SUV still flashing this anxiety-inducing flashing warning light when you have 100km to go this weekend? It is high time that your car go to the garage to check where the problem comes from. Unfortunately, you are with your in-laws, in unknown territory. Fortunately, you can call Vroomly to find the best garage closest to where you are.

How does Vroomly work?

With a rich directory of more than 5,000 mechanics spread throughout France, Vroomly allows you to select the best craftsman based on the criteria most important to you: availability, price and proximity.

To do this, simply enter the registration number of your vehicle and add some additional information such as the model, the year of construction as well as the mileage and the desired services: change of timing belt, shock absorber or need for a clutch kit. ..

To find craftsmen near you, all you have to do is enter some information about your vehicle. // Source: Humanoid XP

Once the search has been entered into the Vroomly database, the site gives you a selection of nearby artisans with an idea of ​​the price charged. You can click on each one below for more information. Opinions, services, nearest time slots, then it’s up to you to choose the garage that best suits your needs at the moment T and schedule an appointment or request a free estimate beforehand.

certified professionals

To guarantee the best possible service, Vroomly has a rigorous selection of mechanics from its repertoire and each new artisan must sign a letter of trust and abide by it to the letter.

Among the conditions that the selected mechanics must meet, we find:

  • the transparency towards the client (explain the interventions, propose alternatives if they exist and do nothing without their approval);
  • he quality choice (use original parts, respect the manufacturer’s maintenance book, 1-year warranty on parts and labor);
  • he fulfillment of commitments (timeliness, duration of the intervention, etc.);
  • be strict with prices (respect the manufacturer’s price lists, stick to the prices established in the budget and do not exceed the hourly market prices).

Vroomly: a growing network

rich about 5000 mechanics throughout France, the number of associated craftsmen is constantly increasing at Vroomly.

Better still, the company also allows professionals in its network, thanks to Vroomly Piecesto benefit from a heritage of more than 500,000 spare parts references to repair all types of vehicles.

Vroomly Tire lets you know how much your tires and labor will cost based on your chosen shop. // Source: Humanoid XP

Vroomly has also just launched its new Vroomly Tire service, which allows you to order your tires at the best price and then have them replaced at one of its network workshops. Enough to ensure that you travel in the best conditions, at the best price.

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