Facebook will reintroduce an important function exclusive to Messenger

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Facebook is testing the reintegration of messaging directly into its platform. It was removed in 2014 to make access to messages exclusive to Messenger.

By the grace of Meta, Facebook will bring back a feature that was taken away almost a decade ago // Source: Unsplash Dima Solomin

Nine years later, Meta is reversing an important feature that was removed from Facebook long ago. Indeed, the firm has indicated that it is in the process of testing the reintegration, on the platform, of the inbox that had been withdrawn nine years ago. The idea then was to make it exclusive to Messenger, to boost downloads.

Android Authority reminds us of the exact timeline of this amputation. In detail, Facebook had lost in 2014 the possibility of accessing the inbox from its web interface. Later, in 2016 this time, the Facebook mobile application was also deprived of it. Two successive removals were pretty badly experienced by users who saw it (rightly so) as an unappealing way to force Messenger adoption.

Meta will proceed with a welcome reinstatement

In a blog post, Meta confirmed this week that it wants to retrace its steps by bringing the inbox back to Facebook. ” We are currently testing the ability for users to access their Messenger inbox from the Facebook app and will be expanding this testing soon.This was indicated by the group, which however seems to indicate that this novelty will affect (at least initially) only the Facebook mobile application.

That said, I don’t see anymea culpa. Meta isn’t going back to listen (long overdue) to users, but rather to promote content discovery and sharing on Facebook. The company explains how it wantsallow [aux utilisateurs] more easily share what they discover on Facebook through messages, when, where and how it is convenient for them, without having to switch to another applicationWhether this feature will return to Facebook and stay there remains to be seen.

Regarding the vitality of the social network, Meta assures that everything is going well. Facebook wouldn’t be so”neither death nor dying“, the platform would have even crossed the milestone of 2 billion daily active users.

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