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Volkswagen has just lifted the veil on a new electric car, the ID. 2 all. Planned to be marketed for less than 25,000 euros by 2025 in a serial version, it already announces the color: ultra-fast charging, good autonomy, excellent performance, top habitability and compact format. It has serious arguments to present against the future electric Tesla Model 2 and Renault R5 E-Tech. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Volkswagen ID.2 All // Source : Volkswagen

With the announcement of its ID.2 all (or ID. 2all), Volkswagen is hitting hard, even very hard, in the field of electric cars. While we waited for the announcement of the Tesla Model 2 at $25,000 in March 2023, it is finally the German manufacturer that presents an electric car for less than 25,000 euros. A true competitor for the future electric Renault R5 E-Tech, with a price that should range between 20,000 and 30,000 euros for the French compact.

At the moment, the Volkswagen ID.2 All is a concept car. But it is a model very close to the production car that will be officially presented in 2025. The German manufacturer took advantage of the presentation conference to reveal many details. The journalists present at the location, in Germany, were able to approach the electric car from outside. Volkswagen’s press release is very detailed and a video completes the package. We have reviewed all the content available in the Volkswagen ID.2 All. Here is everything you need to know.

Volkswagen ID.2 All // Source : Volkswagen

The technical sheet of the Volkswagen ID.2 Everything

The technical sheet of the Volkswagen ID.2 All is very extensive and makes you dream. For less than 25,000 euros, this is what the Wolfsburg signing promises.

Volkswagen ID.2 All
  • WLTP maximum autonomy of 450 km
  • Battery with a capacity of 56 kWh
  • Ultra-fast charge: from 10 to 80% in 20 minutes
  • Charging power: 125 KW (DC)
  • Engine power: 166 kW (226 hp)
  • 0 to 100 km/h: less than 7 seconds
  • Top speed: 160km/h
  • Boot volume: 490 (440 + 50) liters
  • Wheelbase: 2.6 meters
  • Length: 4,050 meters

A Polo with the habitability of a Golf and the trunk of a Tesla

Regarding the dimensions, it isa car similar to the Volkswagen Polo or the Peugeot e-208. But inside is thehabitability of a Volkswagen Golf, with the trunk of a Tesla Model 3, with a reputation as champion of its category in this field. Finally, the Volkswagen ID. 2All is not the replacement for the Volkswagen e-UP! but Volkswagen Golf and Polo. Also, the serial model may be called ID.2 or ID. Golf. Unless this is reserved for a future version of the Volkswagen ID.3.

The Volkswagen e-UP! it is to be replaced by the future Volkswagen ID.1. When announcing the ID. 2all, the head of the German manufacturer has formalized that he is working on a future electric car for less than 20,000 euros.

The wheelbase is almost similar to a Golf, and slightly smaller than an ID.3, but larger than a Polo. This allows to have a lot of space inside as can be seen in the photos. Folding rear seats (we then go to a volume of 1,330 liters), but also the passenger seat. This makes it possible to transport very bulky objects, up to 2.2 meters long. There is also a trunk in the trunk, but also under the rear seats. They lean to access to a 50 liter tank, designed to store charging cables and other accessories. Witty!

Volkswagen ID.2 All // Source : Volkswagen

In terms of design, it takes many cues from the Golf, the Polo and the Volkswagen ID.3. Therefore, we move away from the ID prototype. Life. It is a compact five-door car. The handles for the two rear doors are hidden in the bodywork, giving it a more dynamic look, like a three-door.

A very refreshing interior

Inside, we’re changing the era, with two beautiful displays: a 10.9-inch instrument cluster with a 12.9-inch center infotainment screen. A heads up display is also provided. Volkswagen has finally solved the biggest problem in its ID range. current, with backlit physical buttons under the central display. There’s a wheel (integrating a small LCD screen) which should come in handy for navigating the menus.

Volkswagen ID.2 All // Source : Volkswagen
Volkswagen ID.2 All // Source : Volkswagen

The interface seems much clearer and easier to handle. A small nod to the past: it is possible to change the theme of the instrument panel, to do away with the old analog meters of the cars of yesteryear.

Smartphones are not forgotten: there’s a wireless charging pad in the center console, just in front of the wheel-shaped gear selector. USB-C ports with 45 watts of power are present in the cabin, to power smartphones, tablets and computers. The identification. 2all also incorporates a 230-volt socket, which draws power from the battery to power more power-hungry devices.

super fast charging

Speaking of charging, Volkswagen’s future electric car should recharge in 20 minutes (from 10 to 80%) thanks to a maximum power of 125 kW (DC) and an a priori 400 volt architecture with the MEB Evo platform. This is surprising in two respects. The first is that this length is revolutionary for the segment. Currently, the cars that recharge faster (such as the Kia EV6 or the Hyundai Ioniq 6) require 18 minutes of exercise, with charging powers above 200 kW and an 800 volt architecture. Other electric cars require around 30 minutes, or even much longer for the less good at charging.

Volkswagen ID.2 All // Source : Volkswagen

For example, the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion and its 60 kWh battery require about 30 minutes, with a maximum power of 170 kW, to recharge. Volkswagen, therefore, seems convinced that the next generation of batteries will allow faster recharging, with less energy. As ? Mastering the reload curve, a very delicate but extremely important exercise in the race for speed.

Remember, though, that these 20 minutes are not revolutionary in themselves, since the Chinese battery giant CATL is marketing a battery that only takes 10 minutes to recharge this year… in 600 kW terminals. With AC outlets, such as a wallbox, the Volkswagen ID.2 will offer a power of 11 kW.

a technological car

On the side of on-board technologies, Volkswagen is also on the loose. The car can be equipped (probably as an option) with IQ.Light LED matrix headlights, 3D LED taillights with an additional LED strip, Pars Assist Plus, ID. Light that we had seen on the DNI. Buzz, electric seats with massage function, panoramic roof and, of course, level 2 autonomous driving with Travel Assist. Another small novelty: the Volkswagen logos on the front and rear are backlit. This has only been allowed in Europe for a few weeks.

Volkswagen ID.2 All // Source : Volkswagen

The concept car is equipped with excellent 20-inch wheels (225/40) but beware, we imagine that these will also be optional. Volkswagen announces a WLTP autonomy of 450 km, with a 56 kWh capacity battery. The efficiency is good, since it gives us a consumption similar to the Tesla Model 3. It is possible that the car is marketed with different battery sizes and that the 25,000-euro version is sold without options, with a lower autonomy.

Do you wonder if 450 km of autonomy is enough to make long trips? The answer is yes. We also have a dedicated file, which allows us to compare the travel time between different electric cars with a range of 400 km of theoretical range. With the ultra-fast charging speed of this future Volkswagen ID. In general, long drives shouldn’t scare her, and then she should be faster than a Tesla Model 3 Propulsion. Especially since it will be delivered with a route planner.

Volkswagen ID.2 price, availability and competition

The production version of the Volkswagen ID.2 will be presented by the manufacturer in 2025. Design and technical information may change slightly. If we read between the lines, it is very likely that the first models arrive at dealerships from 2026. Or at the end of 2025 with a bit of luck. But not before, that’s for sure. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to take advantage of the green bonus at the current level, which is a shame if you were planning to invest in an electric car. Hopefully there will still be a green bonus in 2025 and 2026.

Volkswagen ID.2 All // Source : Volkswagen

On the competition side, we can of course mention the electric Renault R5 E-Tech, but it should arrive a little earlier, between 2024 and 2025. It should also be presented in 2023. And we cannot forget the famous, but hypothetical, Tesla. Model 2. Elon Musk promises us a $25,000 electric car, and it should also be official later this year.

These three cars should enter head-on competition with the MG4, which dominates its segment, with an ultra-interesting value for money, as we saw during its test. Let’s not forget the Peugeot e-208, which is breaking sales records and which benefited from an increase in its autonomy in 2023. However, the arrival of the Volkswagen ID.2 seems to have aged the latter.

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