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If the future hardware update of Tesla’s autonomous driving computer (HW4) is imminent, we are still waiting for official information from the American firm to formalize the thing. Rumors and leaks abound on the subject, and this Hardware 4 might not be as revolutionary as that. We take stock of the issue.

The “world” seen by Tesla’s FSD. Credit: Romain Heuillard for Frandroid

Last week, we revealed what was behind the latest leaks regarding Tesla’s new driver computer hardware update, Hardware 4 (HW4). The new information comes directly from Tesla employees according to the Teslascope Twitter accountand the HW4 probably won’t be that innovative at first.

New cameras or not?

Upon in-depth examination by the activist Greentheonly, we were able to notice that No less than eleven cameras seemed planned with Hardware 4. This addition of cameras was the main source of excitement for many, as it seemed to allow for new uses.

A 360-degree view was possibly planned, as three cameras would be included in the front bumper and three in the rear. Finally, this is the information we had last week.

Tesla’s famous Hardware 4 // Source: GreenTheOnly on Twitter

Today, new rumors come to temper the importance of this hardware 4, if one believes the Tesla employees who entrusted him with some secrets. Since December 2022, Tesla has modified the production lines of all its models to integrate more efficient cameras, with greater definition.

These cameras have also been seen in the factory parking lot in Fremont, Californiaon vehicles equipped with Hardware 4. Currently, these Tesla Model S and Model X do not have an additional camera, which leads to confusion as to the actual added value of the new driving computer.

A software that will be finalized very soon

Teslascope clarifies the situation by supporting the words of some Tesla employees: “ we are directed to advise customers not to expect additional cameras in the coming months“. In short, the Tesla Model 3 rolling off the production lines next quarter is unlikely to be the true Tesla Model 3 Highland many are expecting.

The first two vehicles to benefit from all the capabilities of Hardware 4 would be none other than the Tesla Semi and the Cybertruck, the long-awaited electric pick-up from the American firm. The latter would come out directly at the end of the year with the additional cameras, unlike the electric cars of Elon Musk’s company.

Finally, The Teslas currently equipped with Hardware 4 are not quite ready to be delivered to customers, since the software part is not finalized. However, the deadline communicated to the developers would be very close, since they are told to put the update into production by March 1. That’s good, a brand conference is scheduled for that day, probably to formalize many new features.

HW4 without additional cameras?

So it’s possible to see Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X rolling out in the coming months with Hardware 4 (so a new, more powerful computer and better-definition cameras) but without additional cameras in the bumpers. Which would potentially mean more efficient driving aids, but no more useful 360-degree view or parking mode than the current one, restricted by Tesla Vision.

Which could mean that current Tesla models could benefit from an upgrade from HW3 to HW4. Also remember that the HW4 could integrate a millimeter radar.

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