everything we know about the electric pickup truck of the “future”

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Presented in 2019 and expected for the summer of 2023, the Tesla Cybertruck revealed new information about it during the Investor Day organized by Elon Musk. And among them, some small surprises: a new steering wheel, an XXL screen, high-performance air suspensions and a smaller size than expected for the electric pick-up.

We didn’t expect it anymore, but now it’s finally about to see the light of day. This is the Tesla Cybertruck, whose official revelation dates back to 2019. But of course, the manufacturer had barely released any news about its electric pick-up, a rival to the Ford F-150 Lightning and other Rivian R1Ts. It is true that the interior had been formalized last year, but the company had remained quite quiet about its future arrival.

A slightly reduced size

But whileElon Musk has confirmed a release for this summer, the surprising electric begins to reveal itself a little more. It was during Investor Day, during which the businessman and new owner of Twitter announced his Master Plan 3 that the Cybertruck was talked about again. Some investors have been able to approach him, such as Matthew Donegan-Ryan, businessman and big fan of the American firm.

Inside a thread posted on the blue bird network, the latter details all the news of the expected Cybertruck. We learn, for example, that the standard version will be 5% smaller than the prototype already presented. The length is advertised at 5.86 meters., for a very generous wheelbase of 3.68 metres. Compare with the 5.057 m length of the Tesla Model X or the 5.22 m of the Mercedes EQS.

LATEST @Tesla CyberTruck TERA THREAD :

I learned a lot of previously unknown information about the #cyber truck during the executive Meet & Greet before and after #investorday.

🧵 pic.twitter.com/goy4ZtaoYw

—Matthew Donegan-Ryan (@MatthewDR) March 10, 2023

However, it should be more spacious than the F-150 Lighting, with a cube showing a length of about 1.85 meters against 1.67 meters of his rival. Only five people can take place on board., while Tesla announced a number of six so far. It seems the middle seat in the front row is missing. Unless that’s an option. The interior presentation will be very technological, since the driver will have to benefit from a large 18.5-inch touch screen.

Thus, it would be even wider than the 17-inch one that the Model S and Model X equip. For the record, the digital panel of the Model 3 and Model Y measures 15 inches. The steering wheel will be a little different from the one we know. It will not be completely round or yoke, but will have somewhat flattened sides. The mirrors could be removable but this is still subject to confirmation at this time while the style will be completed with 18-inch wheels.

Two versions and several accessories

The electric pick-up, which announces weighing about 3.2 tons, It will be available in two versions: a Dual Motor variant and a more efficient one, which could carry three engines as in the Model S Plaid. Initially, a version with four engines was proposed, but this solution was finally discarded. If figures have not been confirmed, autonomy should always be around 805 kilometers as announced when it was revealed.

If Tesla won’t confirm 800-volt architecture, Matthew Donegan-Rya evokes a 48-volt system. A first for the American manufacturer that allows to offer a little more power by reducing the wiring. We know that it can be very expensive, as is the case with the Ford Mustang Mach-E. Please note that the electric pick-up will be based on air suspensions supplied as standard.

So you’ll be able to venture off the beaten path like the Hummer EV, while also being equipped with Goodyear tires designed for off-road driving. If nothing has been confirmed, a video showed a few months ago that the Cybertruck would also have rear-wheel steering, allowing it to roll like a crab. It will also be equipped with the new Hardware 4 developed by Tesla, offering safer autonomous driving.

Elon Musk also confirmed when handing over the keys to the Tesla Semi that the Cybertruck would be compatible with Megachargers, delivering charging power up to 1000kW. A dedicated team is also said to be working on developing accessories designed specifically for the pick-up. They will be divided into three categories, both for camping and for off-road or more sporty driving.

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