Enjoy the latest iPhone without paying the price, here is the Next Mobiles promise

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Get a next-generation smartphone without having to buy it, that’s what Next Mobiles offers with its subscription system. Thanks to it, you can enjoy a new iPhone 14 Pro and even change it to the following year at no additional cost.

iPhone 14 Pro Max // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

Investing in the latest iPhone model costs more than 1,000 euros in 2023. A substantial sum for a smartphone that we only keep for a few years. Instead of buying it at full price, why not take advantage of it thanks to a subscription system like Next Mobiles?

The principle is simple: for a reasonable monthly fee, the company brings you cutting-edge smartphones like the iPhone 14 Pro. Better yet, Next Mobile replaces it after a year with its successor, and at no additional cost.

Until March 17, the service even allows you to save 50 euros on your first payment thanks to the code NEXT MONTH.

How do Next Mobiles subscriptions work?

To take advantage of the latest smartphones (iOS or Android), Next Mobiles offers you to use its own subscription system that has many advantages.

The offer, without obligationFirst of all, it includes automatic subscription at no additional cost to insurance against theft and breakage that includes:

  • systematic and immediate support in the event of a claim;
  • the replacement in 48 hours of your smartphone with the same model.

The prices are also favourable. To enjoy a next-generation iPhone you have to pay:

  • 57.90 euros per month for the iPhone 14 Pro, with an initial contribution of 120 euros;
  • 64.90 euros per month for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, with a first contribution of 120 euros.

Next Mobiles also remains attentive to its customers and offers a live chat and a France-based customer service accessible by phone if necessary.

With this subscription service, the new iPhone 14 Pro costs 815 euros for the first year, compared to a purchase price of 1,329 euros. The iPhone 14 Pro Max costs 899 euros for the first year, compared to 1,479 euros to purchase.

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max: the best of Apple at a price Next Mobile

Both the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max received the very good rating of 8/10 from the Frandroid editorial staff. And for good reason, they benefit from an exemplary technical sheet. The main difference is in the size of the screen: 6.1 inches versus 6.7 inches.

And what a screen! The Super Retina OLED panel is one of the best you can find on a smartphone. On the photography side, you can count on three photosensors, including a stabilized 12-megapixel x3 telephoto lens.

Dynamic Island, available on the new iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

The icing on the cake, the two iPhone 14 Pro offer even better autonomy than previous models. Therefore, they can last up to more than two days in normal use.

The most striking novelty remains the Dynamic Island: a virtual floating bar at the top of the screen that displays various contextual information. With iOS 16 natively integrated into the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, Apple finally offers a high level of smartphone lock screen customization.

A limited time welcome offer.

Right now and until March 17, 2023, the Next Mobile subscription offer is even more interesting than usual. The service offers you 50 euros discount on the first payment thanks to the code NEXT MONTH.

The first month of subscription thus costs you only 7.90 euros (with the discount of 50 euros) if you let yourself be seduced by the iPhone 14 Pro and only 14.90 euros (with the discount of 50 euros) if you look at the iPhone 14 pro max As if I needed yet another reason to crack an iPhone.

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