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After years of existence on PC, the Vita3K emulator is making a notable entry on Android. Therefore, now it allows you to launch some of the iconic titles of the old handheld console… on your smartphone.

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The PS Vita comes indirectly to smartphones thanks to the Vita3K emulator // Source: Sony

A console with an undeniable success, but unfortunately a much less evident commercial success, at least in the West, the PS Vita had ended up being abandoned by Sony at the end of 2019. However, part of its catalog has remained accessible for several years through of the Vita3K. emulator, released in 2018 on PC. A tool that now comes to Android.

This Android port of Vita3K, which has not been easy, we read, therefore allows you to play some of the emblematic games of the portable console on a smartphone. To do this, you must first download the emulator at this address, then manually install it on your mobile.

A still raw emulator… but the basics are there

However, as XDA Developers point out, Vita3K for Android is far from flawless. The emulator suffers from many initial problems (bugs, perfectible graphical interface, problematic optimization for certain titles, etc.), but builds on solid bases to improve later. The initial version of Vita3K Android can, for example, use custom drivers for the Adreno iGPU, it also supports Vulkan and benefits from numerous modifications that should lead to a truly convincing emulation tool later on.

Please note that the emulator is currently only compatible with 64-bit Android devices, running Android 7.0 Nougat (or later) and with support for Vulkan 1.0 (or later). Open source project licensed under the GPLv2 license, however it will only be fully shared in a few months. For now, the development team behind Vita3K for Android is limited to pre-built APKs, accessible on GitHub.

Compatible with some of the best PS Vita games (including Persona 4, Unchartedeither Hotline Miami, to name a few), Vita3K is a legal tool. Remember, however, that hacking PS Vita games to work using the emulator is not. To stay on your toes, the only (legal) way to take advantage of Vita3K is to digitize games on physical media yourself.

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