ECOVACS’s new premium robot vacuum makes the right concession to lower its price

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Ready to ditch your old vacuum and mop for a high-performance robot vacuum that vacuums, mops, and even cleans itself? Now is the perfect time! Although premium, the new ECOVACS DEEBOT X1e OMNI costs just €849 at launch.


Ecovacs is one of the most innovative companies when it comes to robotic vacuum cleaners. The Chinese firm periodically expands its offer with high-end models and this year presents the DEEBOT X1e OMNI. It is a light version of the X1 OMNI premium, made official last April and qualified as one of the most complete on the market during the test carried out by Frandroid.

While the new X1e OMNI robot vacuum is more affordable than its bigger brother, it shares a host of features with it, such as dual vacuum and wash functionality, an automated station, room mapping, and even object avoidance. The only important differences: the absence of a water tank in the X1e OMNI and an object avoidance system based on the AIVI 3.0 solution and not AIVI 3D like the X1 OMNI.

For its launch and until February 5, the X1e OMNI is at 849 euros instead of 1299 euros, offering an accessory kit worth 150 euros.

A powerful 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner

The ECOVACS DEEBOT X1e OMNI robot vacuum cleaner not only vacuums, it also washes the floor. The Chinese brand has an integrated team that is as complete as it is efficient, to effectively clean all surfaces, even the dirtiest.

The X1e OMNI aspires with a pleasant power of 5000 Pa and, with the help of two side brushes, intervenes in the most difficult to reach corners. In addition, this robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with two rotating mops that perform no less than 180 revolutions per minute to overcome the most stubborn tasks.

The ECOVACS DEEBOT X1e OMNI robot vacuum cleaner. // Source: ECOVACS.

The benefits of the X1e OMNI don’t end there. The robot vacuum cleaner moves intelligently, locates objects in its path, identifies them (furniture, shoes, cables, carpets, etc.) and avoids them thanks to the camera installed on the front of the device and the AIVI 3.0 solution. This also allows you to film the room during cleaning and monitor what’s going on in your home (including your cat or dog’s nonsense!) in your absence via the ECOVACS HOME app (available on Android and iOS).

Furthermore, so that the X1e OMNI is even more autonomous and does not bother you when you are at home, it is also possible with the help of the application and with the support of the dToF sensor present on the top of the device:

  • make a map of your home, including several floors;
  • plan the route the robot vacuum should take;
  • Establish cleaning routines.

That, for example, passing the robot vacuum cleaner through the children’s room only when they are at school.

A station that makes a difference

The ECOVACS X1e OMNI stands out also and above all for its station. Usually absent from entry-level and mid-range models, the station is the key element of more premium robot vacuums. It is she who determines how autonomous the robot vacuum cleaner is.

Thanks to its station, the X1e OMNI takes care of everything and only occasionally requires your intervention. ECOVACS has planned everything to make your life easier, starting with an automatic dust emptying system, from the vacuum cleaner to the station bucket provided for this purpose. With its 3 liter capacity, it can hold an average of 60 days of dirt. Emptying is carried out at a power of 28,000 Pa so that even the finest hairs and particles are sucked into the emptying tray.

The DEEBOT X1e OMNI and its station. // Source: ECOVACS.

The mops are also self-cleaning when the X1e OMNI returns to its dock. It also has two tanks of 4 liters each, one for clean water and the other for dirty water. Unlike its older brother, the X1e OMNI must go to the base to wet the mops, because it does not include a water tank.

However, the hygiene of the floor cloths remains impeccable as the station dries them quickly with ultra-hot air, which prevents the proliferation of bacteria and the development of bad odours.

So many technologies that make the new X1e OMNI one of the most complete and autonomous robot vacuum cleaners on the market. In addition, on the occasion of its launch, until February 5, the DEEBOT X1e OMNI benefits from a nice discount of 450 euros and sees its price drop from 1,299 to 849 euros. That without counting the accessory kit that it offers, for a value of 150 euros. Amazon goes further and offers a gift card of 50 euros for the purchase of an ECOVACS DEEBOT X1e OMNI robot vacuum cleaner from January 27 to 29. With such an equipment-price ratio, this offer is one of the most competitive at the moment.

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