Dyson’s most affordable vacuum mop is on sale

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A broom vacuum is very popular for its versatility and handy size. Dyson is the benchmark brand in this area, and if most of its products are quite expensive, today the V8 Origin model costs only 279 euros compared to the usual 329 euros.

Origin Dyson V8

With its vacuum brooms, Dyson has a good number of references. If the new models incorporate novelties (such as a laser), the less recent models are still highly recommended. The V8 Origin can boast of being manageable and offering good power to effectively clean your home. If you want to get a Dyson, now is the right time as this reference is cheaper thanks to this offer.

Why is it still recommended?

  • It offers a versatile and practical format.
  • Effective for picking up dirt on various types of floors.
  • for about forty minutes

With a strikethrough price of 329.99 euros, the Dyson V8 Origin broom vacuum cleaner is currently reduced to 279.99 euros on Cdiscount.

Dyson insights

It is true that the V8 Origin seems to be getting old, but it still holds up very well. It allows you to maintain your interior with little effort to provide thanks to its versatility. With the absence of wire and bag, it guarantees greater freedom. Its bar format makes it very practical, and gives the opportunity to vacuum not only the floor, but also tall furniture or even the ceiling to hunt spiders.

It also has the advantage of being lightweight (2.5 kg on the scale) and being less painful to move between floors. It is even possible to transform the broom into a handheld vacuum cleaner with a simple click, to suck up dirt between the back seats of cars, in the creases of the front seats or between the cushions of your sofa.

Effective for more than half an hour.

Less powerful than Dyson’s latest references, the V8 Orgin is still efficient at cleaning your interior. Its suction level is very good thanks to the Cyclone 2 Tier Radial engine technology, which makes 110,000 revolutions per minute. his brush motorcycle bar it will also help to capture all the dust and dirt effectively, regardless of the type of floor: hard, carpets, carpets, etc.

On the other hand, if you have shag carpeting, it’s harder to get rid of debris or dust. Fortunately, with two power modes available, you’ll be able to switch to MAX mode for 7 minutes of high power operation and Power mode for extended cleaning. Battery life will vary depending on the mode used. Also, on this side, the brand provides 40 minutes of suction in normal use, and it will be silent. Once your suction session is over, all you have to do is hang the V8 Origin on its wall-mounted station. As for emptying the vacuum cleaner, there is no risk of getting your hands dirty: just pull the lever to evacuate everything, without contact with the dirt.

What happens if you switch to a robot vacuum cleaner?

To leave this task to a machine, we now invite you to consult our guide to the best robot vacuum cleaners of 2023.

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