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Robotic vacuums are a great help when it comes to cleaning your floors effectively, but not all are created equal. iRobot, a pioneer in the field, must now face competition from Asia, with very high-end products such as the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra or the Dreame L10s Ultra. These products are tremendously effective, but their price of more than 1,000 euros can discourage more than one.

There is a trade-off though, allowing you to benefit from the same suction and flushing efficiency as these higher-end models, for half the price. This is particularly the case with the new Dreame L10s Pro, which incorporates most of the features of the L10s Ultra, minus the drain base. This means manually emptying the dust bin and cleaning the mops, though the robot remains the same. Let’s see what it’s worth on a day-to-day basis and if it’s as formidable as his older brother.

Dream L10s ProData sheet

Model Dream L10s Pro
announced autonomy

150 minutes

obstacle detection


Invisible wall creation


Google Home Supported



3700 grams



wash function




Repairability index?





Dream L10s ProHis older brother’s design

The Dreame L10s Pro takes up the design of its predecessor, similar to that of many other robotic vacuum cleaners. Thus, we find ourselves with a round product, but this time in anthracite black, with a very high-end appearance.

Source: Hagop Kavafian for Frandroid

At the top, Dreame has arranged the LIDAR sensor, as well as three quick access buttons to turn on the robot, send it back to the charging station or clean a specific area. To avoid having to turn the robot over, the brand’s engineers have simplified things by placing the dust container and water tank under the top cover, as well as a small brush, simplifying cleaning at the same time.

Underneath the vacuum, there’s a side brush for dusting and corner cleaning, two pads that spin mops scratch on, the various sensors, wheels, and the rubber roller. The materials are of good quality and seem solid, which suggests that the device will be durable over time.

Source: Hagop Kavafian for Frandroid

The relatively compact dimensions of 350 × 350 × 97mm allow the L10s Pro to slide under most furniture and sofas, thus cleaning a maximum surface area. In addition, it is equipped with advanced 3D navigation that allows it to avoid obstacles and even recognize carpets, so that it can raise its mops to avoid wetting them.

Source: Hagop Kavafian for Frandroid

We end up with the L10s Pro station, much more discreet than the Ultra, since it only serves as a charging base. It is therefore hardly visible, which makes it possible in particular to place it under a piece of furniture and thus prevent your vacuum cleaner from sitting in the middle of your living room.

Dream L10s ProSetting

The Dreame L10s Pro can be configured with Dreame Home or Xiaomi Mi Home, which avoids multiplying the number of applications to download on your smartphone. No matter which one you choose, installing the vacuum is a breeze. All you have to do is scan the QR code under the robot’s hatch to connect to Wi-Fi. The robot then scans its surroundings to quickly map your home.

In a matter of minutes, the pieces are detected and a map is generated. You can modify it to your guide, to cut or merge parts and, of course, give them a name, which is particularly useful when you interact with Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri.

The L10s Pro can also handle multiple boards, which is particularly useful if your house has multiple floors or if you plan to use your robot in your second home. Similarly, you can set up no-go or no-wash areas, as well as virtual walls, to customize the map to suit your needs.

Dream L10s ProSuction and cleaning performance

The Dreame L10s Pro can vacuum and wash the floor simultaneously. To do this, simply moisten the mops and place them on the pads. The robot moves methodically first cutting through one piece, before going back and forth and then moving on to the next.

Of course, it is possible to define the suction power and the desired humidity level, either at each step or in the parameters of each room. For example, you can allow the robot to vacuum more vigorously and dampen the mops in the entrance hall.

Unlike the Ultra model, the L10s Pro does not benefit from AI navigation, capable of precisely identifying each object and thus distinguishing a cable from a shoe. However, the robot brilliantly managed to circumvent all the obstacles we reserved for it, namely shoes and table and chair legs. Unlike other vacuums, it never got stuck under a table or in a corner, which is especially reassuring for a standalone device.

The vacuum can also recognize carpets and automatically lift mops out of the way or just bypass them, depending on your preference. In the same way, it automatically adapts its route to go from one room to another and can detect obstacles in the way.

When it comes to cleaning, the L10s Pro does a great job. Its 5,300 Pa suction power allows it to leave floors clean, but it’s a shame it only has a side brush, as it sometimes struggles to clean effectively along skirting boards.

When washing, the results are just as good thanks to the efficiency of the two rotating brushes, although the L10s Pro is not intended to be used with detergent. Of course, pay attention to the surface to be cleaned, since the 190 ml tank is only enough for a surface of approximately 40 to 45 m². Beyond that, you will have to think about filling it, otherwise you will run out of clean water to wash the floor.

Finally, the 5200 mAh battery lasts around 200 minutes on the lowest power, which is more than enough to clean a large area.

Dream L10s ProInterview

The main weak point of the Dreame L10s Pro is its lack of autonomy when it comes to maintaining it. Unlike the Ultra model, the Pro version doesn’t have a dump station, which means you have to manually empty the 450ml dust container and rinse the mops before and after each pass. Therefore, it is much more restrictive than the top model, which however costs almost twice the price. Worse yet, Dreame doesn’t provide a spare mop, making it difficult to wash and dry them between cycles.

Source: Hagop Kavafian for Frandroid

Also note that in addition to having to perform these tasks manually, the L10s Pro also cannot automatically clean your mops after cleaning a room. It is a good idea to do this during a cycle if the area to be cleaned is large. Fortunately, the dust container is large enough that you don’t have to empty it with every pass. It will still be necessary to do this once a week or so, depending on the size of your home and the frequency of use of the robot.

Source: Hagop Kavafian for Frandroid

We salute the rubber brush, which prevents hair and dust from accumulating there, and thus facilitates maintenance. Likewise, access to the tanks is particularly easy and the L10s Pro is very pleasant on a day-to-day basis. True, it is not as autonomous as the Ultra model, but this lack of functionality is justified by a significant price difference.

Dream L10s ProPrice and availability

The Dreame L10s Pro costs 600 euros, very affordable given the cleaning efficiency it offers, whether vacuuming or washing. Its price is still similar to that offered by Roborock, with its S7, with slightly less functionality than the Dreame.

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