Don’t throw away your Stadia controller, it can still be used

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Phew! Google announces that Stadia controls will have a second life. Bluetooth will be enabled within the next week.

A Google Stadia controller and… a pizza box // Source: Google

Stadia is dead, long live cloud gaming! In September 2022, Google announced the end of Stadia, its cloud gaming service. However, this announcement did not come without clashes. Not only did the developers find out about the same time as the players, but some buyers had problems with the refunds promised by the Mountain View firm.

It’s true that the studios have it bad, but customers have nothing to complain about: all Stadia-related purchases, whether hardware or digital games, have been refunded unconditionally. However, we might ask some green questions about controllers.

Stadia and Bluetooth controllers

Everyone who bought a Stadia kit received a Chromecast Ultra and a dedicated controller. If the HDMI key can still be used, the controller uses a proprietary protocol. If it connects fine to Chromecast over Bluetooth, it actually works over Wi-Fi to connect directly to Stadia’s servers, keeping latency to a minimum.

Problem: This system does not allow wireless use with another device. With the end of Stadia set for January 18, thousands of controllers would therefore lose their main interest. But don’t worry, Google is on it!

We’ve also got news on Bluetooth: next week we’ll be launching a self-service tool to enable Bluetooth connections on your Stadia Controller.

We will share details here about the release.

— Stadium ☁️🎮 (@GoogleStadia) January 13, 2023

In a tweet, the official Stadia account confirmed that a tool to enable the Stadia controller’s Bluetooth connections will be available next week. They will be able to connect to any compatible device (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.).

For now, the details of the use of this tool are not yet known. Therefore, we will have to wait a little longer to find out how it works.

Meanwhile, Stadia is still here.

Since September we know that Google Stadia will not see the sun rise on January 19. However, the service is still running and a new game has even just been released. baptized game of worms , this title was designed by the team behind the Stadia service itself. It is a Snakewith different modes, a game described as “humbleby its developers.

In fact, Worm Game was designed long before the release of Stadia in 2019 and served as a sandbox for developers to try out new features. “The Stadia team spent a LOT of time playing the game and we thought we should share it with you.“, explain the developers. Take it as a tribute to the work done on this game and as a swan song for the platform that is living its last breath here.

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