Do you send voice messages in messaging applications?

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We would like to know if you use voice messages or if, like the vast majority of the newsroom frandroid, you are quite allergic to it. It’s time to vote!

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The vast majority of messaging apps today allow you to send voice messages. However, within the wording of frandroidin the course of a conversation on this topic, we realized that many of us were very hostile to these famous voices, be it on WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram or even Slack.

While we obviously tolerate certain exceptions, we all chafed at the idea of ​​wasting your interlocutor’s time only to gain it yourself. In fact, the person who receives a voice must listen to it in its entirety, while a classic message is always faster to read. “Selfishness», «disrespectSome of the newsroom didn’t go there with the back of the spoon to express their hatred for the thing.

Do you use voice mail?

However, this was just a conversation between colleagues. Perhaps we are too closed in on ourselves, too intransigent, too bitter, too… old? We could also retort that the platforms now offer a transcription of voice messages, which greatly nuances its annoying aspect. Do not hesitate to enlighten us by answering our survey of the week.

Do you send voice messages in messaging applications? We look forward to hearing your answers.


Do you send voice messages in messaging applications?

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