Do you prefer rolling screens or folding screens?

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Rolling screens were in force at MWC 2023, but do they stand a chance against folding screens? Tell us where your preference goes!

Motorola’s rollable smartphone prototype at MWC 2023 // Source: Frandroid

This week, Barcelona hosted the Mobile World Congress 2023, an annual fair for new mobile technologies. We discover new devices that will be released soon, but also future technologies. Improved facial recognition, hammer-resistant screens, augmented reality glasses, ultra-fast charging… the inventiveness was there.

However, the real innovation of the show is found in the roll-up screens. It was not the first time we had the opportunity to see it, but the Motorola smartphone and the Lenovo PC showed that the prototypes can already be functional.

Rolling screen VS folding screen

Rolling screens have the same vocation as folding screens: to offer a larger viewing surface if necessary in a reduced format. Samsung has long reigned supreme in this sector with its Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold, but its dominance is now being challenged by the competition.

So other brands are entering the folding screen market, but roll up screens are coming into force with similar promise. Of course, the technology is still in its infancy and still imperfect, but it still shows promise. The one that manages to prevail on a large scale will therefore be the one that will please the general public the most.

Hence our question of the week: do you prefer a folding screen or a roll-up screen?


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