DLSS is coming for YouTube, Netflix and Twitch

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Nvidia will apply its AI image enhancement knowledge to online video. What permanently fixes compression problems on YouTube?

Unveiled at CES, Nvidia’s RTX Video Super Resolution technology shows great promise on paper. Just like DLSS or the higher level that Shield offers, this technology promises to improve the image quality of online videos using AI.

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To use it, you only need a PC equipped with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3000 or 4000 (RTX 2000s in the future) and videos on online services like Netflix, YouTube or Twitch will appear in better quality thanks to an increase in definition.

launch is coming

This feature was only announced by Nvidia and we were waiting for its availability. This is fast approaching as Google Chrome version 110 includes support for this new technology.

The only thing missing is official support from Nvidia through their drivers and we now know that this will happen with the R530 version of the drivers. The deployment is scheduled for this month of February, so we are a few days away from the launch.

Nvidia specifies that the use of this technology should very logically increase the consumption of the machine through the use of the GPU. For this reason, the firm has decided to automatically deactivate its use in battery-powered laptops.

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