Discord added the three missing features in one of its latest services

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Discord has brought three particularly welcome new features to its conference rooms: support for video, screen sharing, and text chat.

Discord enriches its conference rooms with three important novelties // Source: Alexander Shatov – Unsplash

Launched two years ago on Discord, conference rooms allow you to organize community exchanges… without having to face the inconvenience that this can entail. The idea of ​​these fairs? Leave a ” a small handful of people bring a community event to life, eliminating the need to mute or unmute dozens of people talking on top of each other on a single voice channel “Sums up Discord. Perfect for ” Hold conversations, record podcasts, host community AMAs, or host creator interviews “, while staying on servers that are easy for administrators to manage.

Still, this nice feature suffered from some shortcomings that have now been fixed. In a statement shared last week, Discord announced the introduction of three much-requested features: support for video, screen sharing, and text chat in these conference rooms.

Offer more opportunities to communities

As the platform points out, the addition of these three new features should make it easier for trade show “hosts” to share content with their community, while viewers will be able to more easily exchange with each other.

Source: Discord

In detail, however, we learn that video and screen sharing will be limited to conference rooms with a maximum of 50 viewers. It will require a level 2 or 3 Boost feature to increase to 150 and 300 viewers, respectively. A foreseeable limitation.

Finally, note that Discord also mentions an additional (but slightly more marginal) feature: the ability for admins to add music on hold for viewers prior to the start of a conference. The latter is reserved for enhanced conference rooms, we read, and can be cut individually by viewers using a dedicated button.

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