Disappointed by the A brochure? There are alternatives to boost your savings

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Is your A brochure not enough for you anymore? What if you turned to customized investment solutions like those of Mon Petit Placement? Technological sector, health, environment, real estate… You can even choose which sector of the economy to support.

On February 1, the interest rate of the livret A was revalued from 2 to 3%. If this continues to be good news, the truth is that this rate is far from compensating for inflation which, according to the latest INSEE figures, stands at 6%.

The month of January is long gone, and it may have brought a bond to invest in its wake. And it is not the Frenchman’s favorite booklet that will offer him the best rating. Therefore, it may be interesting to diversify your savings by resorting to other solutions such as those offered by Mon Petit Placement.

So you can invest your money through life insurance, an ideal “Swiss Army Knife” investment whatever your age and whatever your plans.
It offers several advantages:

  • Your savings are not locked in;
  • if you wait at least 8 years to recover it, the tax is significantly lower.

Therefore, life insurance is a particularly attractive investment when it comes to accumulating capital in the long term, the proof: one in two French people owns one.

Diversify the investment of savings: why and how?

When you decide to diversify your savings, many questions arise. Where to put your money? With what risks? And how can you be sure that those who are going to manage this savings know it well? For each of these questions, Mon Petit Placement has an answer. Designed for those who want to grow their savings in their own image, the site offers an investment portfolio with various levels of risk, from the most moderate to the most daring.

In 2021, the product with the lowest risk exposure (the voluntary) registered an interest rate of 3.95%. It is much more than what booklet A shows.

Mon Petit Placement offers a simulator that allows you to estimate your capital after several years

In recent years, the most aggressive portfolios have been able to generate an average return of 12% over a period of 5 to 8 years. Proof that patience pays off.

Be careful though, it is important to note that past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Another advantage of the Mon Petit Placement services: you can choose the initial amount to invest (from 300 euros) and the frequency with which you plan to finance this investment, from 100 euros per month.

A real accompaniment

To help you see your investments more clearly, Mon Petit Placement makes subject matter experts available to its clients to help you optimize the return on your investments. Fintech offers real personalized support.

Upon registration, you will need to complete a questionnaire that will allow you to define which investment profile best suits you based on duration, objective and risk appetite. Mon Petit Placement then sends you a precise presentation video corresponding to your profile to explain how to invest your money effectively.

After the questionnaire, the experts at Mon Petit Placement establish your profile and allow you to choose your investment and degree of risk. // Source: My little collocation

Mon Petit Placement experts schedule regular meetings to review your investments, their performance and help you better optimize your savings available on site.

In addition, in case of doubt, their site has a chat available 7 days a week through which the advisors respond quickly and efficiently.

Finally, an important asset for Mon Petit Placement: its mobile application. Simple and intuitive, it allows you to check the status of your portfolios at any time, in no time.

Invest in sectors that make sense

Remember that investing with Mon Petit Placement is like taking out life insurance. This means that the money you deposit there is entrusted to a portfolio manager who chooses a selection of financial products, according to your goals.

It is now possible to invest in the field of ecological transition, whether you are cautious or intrepid. // Source: My little collocation

But not just anyone, since the company allows you to choose the sectors that are important to you. So you can decide in which area you want to invest: climate, health, new technologies, solidarity, etc.

A welcome offer to reduce costs

For all these complete and personalized services, Mon Petit Placement charges a commission, only if your investments are performing well. And this is the great advantage of this French service. There are no entry, exit, payment or arbitrage fees applied to your investments (however, some fees may apply to real estate portfolios).

Mon Petit Placement takes care of capital gains, depending on the amount invested and the level of performance. But thanks to the code. FRANDROID40you can reduce your performance fees by 40% in the first year.

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