Decathlon improves its connected watch without exploding the price

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The French equipment manufacturer Decathlon launches a new connected watch dedicated to sports activities, once again in partnership with the American brand Coros. This “GPS900 by Coros” retains the functionality of its predecessor and erases its flaws. The price of the watch increases, but remains competitive.

Decathlon’s new connected watch improves its first model in collaboration with the American brand Coros. // Source: Decathlon

Second test of the association between Decathlon and Coros. The French company has just launched a new model of connected sports watch: the Coros GPS900. An update to Coros’ Kiprun GPS 500, its first product launched in May 2022 in collaboration with the American brand specialized in smartwatches.

A new watch that seems to follow the recipe of the previous model by adding several useful functions for the most intense sports practices.

full basic functionality

On its technical sheet, the Coros GPS900 is still quite similar to its older sister. The connected watch is equipped with a 46 mm diameter steel case with a polycarbonate strap, a highly resistant plastic. Its 1.2-inch touch screen is in color, with a definition of 240 by 240 pixels, protected by Gorilla Glass mineral glass. All for a weight of 58 grams. On the other hand, the four buttons of the GPS 500 disappear to adopt the Coros signature wheel, also acting as a single back button.

Source : Decathlon

The GPS900 offers the usual functionalities of a connected watch: monitoring of sports training, be it running, hiking, swimming, skiing or bodybuilding. In particular, you can track distance covered, pace, stride length or heart rate, even underwater. The watch is also water resistant up to 50 meters deep.

The user’s sleep and fitness tracking is also offered through certain daily usage data, such as the number of steps or calories burned. Finally, this smart watch can also read your notifications, text messages or receive calls.

Better range and route tracking

However, the Decathlon and Coros GPS900 add some features that were missing from the previous model. The French equipment manufacturer especially highlights useful new options for trail enthusiasts. The toquante now incorporates a barometric altimeter, allowing it to track altitude, cumulative elevation, and rate of climb.

Source : Decathlon

Above all, the GPS900 provides route tracking. You can now display a pre-built track, either created by you or downloaded via the app. Added to this is a dedicated function to easily return to your starting point.

Finally, the second version of the Franco-American association improves the autonomy of the first, going from 25 to 35 estimated hours in GPS mode, depending on the manufacturer, and even up to 30 days using the product without its sports features. Decathlon promises a full charge in two hours.

Price and availability

Due to these improvements, this Coros GPS900 sells for more than the previous model, but remains competitively priced: the connected watch is already available for 250 euros in Decathlon stores. And if the additions of this new product were not enough to justify this increase, the GPS 500 is still on sale for 140 euros.

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