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It’s winter, but this period when the sun goes down in France is also the beginning of the sales. What date ? Who are the participating e-merchants? How not to miss any good plan? So many questions whose answer we have and which we share with you in this article.

Sales take place twice a year in France, once in winter and a second time in summer. On this occasion, many brands will apply strong sales in physical stores, but the tendon of the price war has been mainly on the Internet in recent years. There will inevitably be something to please you and of course you can count on the Frandroid Good Deals team to pass on the best deals from the event.

What dates for the 2023 Winter Sales?

The winter sales of 2023 will take place from Wednesday January 11 from 8 am to Tuesday February 7 at midnight, so today is the last day before the start of the event. The inseparable elements of the sales are the sales, which will occur every week until the end of the event. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to get the desired product at an even more attractive price, as long as there is still stock available when you decide to pay.

Who are the participating e-merchants?

Most French brands will obviously be playing the promotions game during the winter 2023 sales period, as will the biggest names in e-commerce. You probably already know them, but here is the list:

Feel free to bookmark the links above so you don’t miss anything about the event on your favorite e-commerce.

What categories should you watch out for during sales?

At the time of writing, it’s hard to know which specific product will be on sale before sales start, but we can already assume that many categories in the tech world will be at bargain prices. So this will be the right time to check out if you want to trade in your smartphone, tablet, TV, laptop, headphones or wireless headphones, or even equip yourself with connected items. Undoubtedly, there will also be great offers on the video game side.

This time of year is also an opportunity for Internet service providers and operators to offer very attractive deals on their Internet box subscriptions or mobile plans. Even VPNs or online banks could get involved.

How not to miss any offer of the Winter Sales 2023?

As you will have understood, the end of June and the beginning of July will be loaded with promotions and, given the magnitude of the event in France, you are surely missing out on great offers. But don’t be scared, Frandroid will do a complete coverage and today we give you some tips so you don’t miss a thing.

1 – Follow us on Twitter

Next to the main Frandroid account, we also have an account @FrandroidPromos he only dedicates himself to good plans. You will find all the Discount Offers that we will be sharing on Twitter, so remember to follow us and above all activate the bell to receive notifications in real time.

2 – Subscribe to our Newsletter

At Frandroid, you can sign up for our Good Deals newsletter to receive the best deals on a daily basis. Don’t worry, this is not spam, just send the best offer of the moment, and only once a day. We are not abusing, the same with your email address that will only be used to receive the good plan of the day, and that’s it.

3 – Download our Frandroid application

The Frandroid app received a nice update, at the same time as the redesign of our site at the end of 2019. You can obviously find all the news and the various product tests there, but also the Good plans section where it is possible to activate only the notifications of this category, which will allow you know in real time when we publish an article related to Sales. The app is available on iOS and Android.

To follow us, we invite you to download our application for Android and iOS. You can read our articles, archives and watch our latest YouTube videos.

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