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You fill in your extended link and you get a shortened link, and that’s it. In this sense, if you are looking for a URL shortener a little more advanced, today I present Tsboi. To learn more about these features, I invite you to read on.

More than just a URL shortener

Tsboi is a free online service that allows you to shorten links to length, but not only. Indeed, the tool also allows you to customize the preview of your link to share it on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. So, thanks to the personalized preview, your friends or followers will be able to quickly know which site your shortened URL is referring to.

To use Tsboi, no registration is required. You simply need to fill out a small form to present your future shortened link. To do this, you are only asked to fill in the URL of the site to shorten, a title, a brief description and an image to upload. Once done, you will get your shortened link.


Another interesting feature of this link shortener is the ability to see the statistics for each shortened link. This will give you a lot of interesting information. In particular, you can see the number of clicks, the platform from which the visitor came, the dates and times when your link was visited or the browser and operating system of each visitor.

Finally, it should be noted that each shortened URL contains the domain name to which it refers. Again, this is a feature that is rather practical from a security point of view. Your visitors will be able to quickly find out which site they will be redirected to, rather than checking the shortened link before clicking on it.

How to use Tsboi?

The operation of this URL shortener is very simple. Just follow these few steps:

1. Go to Tsboi.

2. Specify the URL you want to shorten without forgetting to include the “http://” or “https://”.

3. Then type the title of the page (60 characters maximum).

4. Next, write a brief description of the page (160 characters maximum).

5. In this step, select the image that will serve as a preview for your shortened link. The site recommends an image size of less than 2 MB and dimensions of 1200 × 628 pixels.

6. Finally, click the “Share This Link!” button to generate your shortened URL.

That’s it, now you know how to shorten a link (URL) with Tsboi. Note that you can find all your shortened links by clicking on the “My Links” link located at the top right of the site.

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