Cowboy makes one of its e-bikes smarter with this handy feature

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Belgian brand Cowboy has lifted the veil on a new feature called AdaptivePower. Implemented only on the Cowboy 4 and Cowboy 4 ST, the latter allows bikes to “think for themselves”.

Cowboy 4 ST
Source: cowboy

The manufacturer of connected electric bicycles Cowboy presents a new exclusive feature of its CB4 and CB4 ST, the latest generation models in its catalogue. Here, the idea is to give them a new dose of intelligence, so that they adapt more and more to the cyclists and the type of their trip.

This function is called ” Adaptive Power “. The Belgian company is not very talkative about it in the press release sent to the editorial office. For her, this system allows her bicycles “think for themselves“. Fortunately, the brand provides some interesting details.

Better understand the typology of the land

Specifically, this technologysenses the rider’s environment (slopes, weather conditions, etc.) adjusting power for a smooth ride and improved performanceAt positive lift, for example, we imagine a Cowboy 4 will be able to understand the incline of the road and consequently make more power.

By doing so, a user will benefit from an always timely boost on this type of road. Regarding the weather conditions mentioned, Cowboy does not cite any specific use cases. The good news is thatfrandroidYou will have the opportunity to test this function together with the brand, to give you a first feedback.

Cowboy 4 ST
Source: cowboy

For Tanguy Goretti, co-founder and technical director, the goal is “to make riding the bike as easy as possible while keeping the focus on the riding experience, which means the rider gets on the bike and rides like a normal bike, without having to worry about buttons or gears“, he explains.

And to continue:AdaptivePower is the result of this evolution: the unit that allows the bike to think for itself in real time.“. This novelty will be implemented via a remote software update. As a reminder, the Cowboy 3 will not benefit from it: only the CB4 is entitled to it.

three new colors

In addition, the Cowboy 4 ST – the open-frame we tested – is decked out in three new beautiful effect colors (as is often the case with the Cowboy): Fig, Lavender and Clay. They will appear together with the Sand and Black colors already available in the manufacturer’s catalogue.

Cowboy 4 ST
Source: cowboy

Cowboy takes the opportunity to do a brief financial review of his year 2022, which was simply the best in his history.with a turnover of 41 million euros and a growth in sales multiplied by 2.7 year-on-year. We are already registering a very good number of sales in 2023“, we learn.

A new Cowboy model in 2023

The extraordinary promotions applied to Cowboy 3 during Black Friday probably helped with this. Adrien Roose, co-founder and CEO, also mentions a “new funds to support our latest product developments“. Because 2023 should be busy, with “new models” Next. With a Cowboy 5 on the horizon?

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