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The iPhone 13 remains in the Apple catalog while its versions are now renewed. Want to properly outfit your new iPhone without breaking the bank? Discover our selection of the best accessories for the smartphone.

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Certainly the iPhone 13 dates from the previous year, but the smartphone remains in the Apple catalog. Both for its price and its services, it is even the best iPhone available at the moment. If you indulged in the technical data sheet of the iPhone 14, don’t panic, we also have a selection dedicated to accessories for the smartphone. For those who want to learn more about their new smartphone, we recommend reading our iPhone 13 review.

Do you need a shell to protect you from falls? How to take advantage of wireless charging, which headphones are the most suitable? Do I need an external battery? We have taken care of offering you the accessories that will accompany your new iPhone.

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Apple iPhone 13

Which protective case for your iPhone 13?

Baking the iPhone 13

When it comes to protection, there are several schools. Those who want something discreet, those who want something aesthetic or those who want something infallible. To do this, there is a fairly wide variety of helmets of all kinds. The first option available to you is to grab a MagSafe compatible case marketed by Apple. You can benefit from wireless charging with complete peace of mind and a fairly wide range of colors.

For those looking for protection for their iPhone 13 without compromising on style, it is possible to turn to the specialized brand Rhinoshield. The latter offers many collaborations either with Naruto, OnePiece or even with NBA teams to adapt it to your tastes. Be careful though, most cases resulting from collaboration are not compatible with MagSafe.

What protective glass for the screen of your iPhone 13?

iPhone 13 tempered glass

These cases will protect the phone, but not the screen. You will need to invest in additional protection. More than protecting against direct impacts, it is your case that will do this job, these protections are mainly used to prevent scratches directly on the screen of the smartphone, which is much more difficult to replace. It is better to scrape off a removable film and change it when the problems become too visible. It is not necessary to invest large sums for this.

They’re all pretty much the same, so you’re spoiled for choice. We still recommend buying a set of 3 or 4 windows that will allow it to last a good year. Here is ESR’s tempered glass that is compatible with iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and iPhone 14. Installation is simple with the equipment needed to fit the glass without bubbles.

Which wireless charger for your iPhone 13?

Apple has been offering Qi (pronounced Chi) wireless charging on its iPhones for a few years. Much more practical than a cable, and can take the form of a port that you place on your desk or nightstand, it allows you to recharge your wireless phone on your leg. You have two options: a “Pad” type charger that the phone sits flat on, or a “Stand” that will hold your phone vertically to view notifications.

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“Flat,” we recommend this Belkin 10W charger that will work with all iPhone 13s and AirPods if you have a wireless charging case. It is a quality solution and not excessively expensive to take advantage of the flexibility of technology.

Which power adapter for iPhone 13?

The first thing to do when ordering your new iPhone 13 is to also buy a power adapter. In fact, since the iPhone 12, Apple no longer provides it. Only one meter Lightning cable is included in the box. To get the most out of your phone, you have the option of grabbing an official Apple charger or switching to a device that supports the PPS standard.

The most logical choice is of course the official Apple power supply. Very simple, it provides 20 W and has a single USB-C port.

What are the other accessories to choose for your iPhone 13?

The above few items are considered essential for the proper functioning of your phone. In the following accessories, it is possible to invest to improve your daily comfort.

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