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Google brings Material You everywhere, even in the smallest corners of its apps. If Google Contacts was already entitled to it for a long time, it is the turn of the application widgets to benefit from it, if the modifications in the application code are to be believed. Widgets that provide quick access to selected contacts.

Google Contacts met Material You in Android 11

Material You by Google allows you to harmonize the colors of your Android interface with those of your wallpaper: they can be buttons, applications, etc. This aesthetic DNA shows up in many of the developers’ apps, including Google Contacts. This is the official Google app for managing your address book and syncing your contacts with your Google account. The media 9to5Google detected changes in the Google Contacts source code that appear to modify the app’s widgets in a Material You way.

Revised Google Contacts Widgets

Currently, the widgets in the Google Contacts app aren’t very attractive: there are only three available, all 1×1 in size. By clicking on it, you can call a contact, send him a message or check his file. The observed changes could constitute a complete revision of the Contacts widgets, with the arrival of Material You to them.

For example, a 4×1 widget has been tested, it is called “ favorite contacts» («favorite contacts” in English). You can add up to seven contacts and it only shows the first three, but you can resize them to show them all, in two rows and two columns maximum.

More customization of contacts widgets in Android

another called”individual contactallows access to a person’s file, but in reality it has three buttons, to access, call the person or send a message. According to information from9to5Google, this widget has been in development since November: therefore we can expect it to be very close to the final version to be released (if ever). This is a widget that can be expanded up to 3×2 to have the contact’s photo, but also buttons to access the message thread or call it.

We can also have it in 2×1 or 4×1 to show the full name for example. At the moment these widgets are not available in the latest version of Google Contacts, but we can expect a release in the coming months.

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