Comparison of PC and Mac webcams to choose from in 2023?

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Whether it’s for work, streaming, or just chatting with loved ones, webcams are always useful accessories. Here’s our comparison of the best webcams based on our tests.

Logitech Logi
Logitech StreamCam // Source: Frandroid

Almost forgotten outside of laptops, the webcam has made a comeback for a few years now on our desktop PCs. In question: the explosion in popularity of streaming, be it on Twitch or YouTube, but also, and above all, the Covid demands, the lasting arrival of teleworking in our lives. A good webcam has thus become the essential accessory to organize video conferences without difficulty.

After major supply issues in 2020 and 2021, things have picked up with renewed stock at most retailers. Result: public prices have gone down and we no longer have to fight speculators that made prices explode in markets.

To get your bearings, here’s a comparison of the best webcams around right now, based on our tests and experience.

The best webcams for PC in 2023

Logitech C920: the best option

A great classic of the PC webcam, the logitech c920 it remains to this day the “default” solution despite the arrival of many models over the years. Inexpensive, but with enough features for most uses, it will satisfy most, particularly thanks to its built-in microphone.

Present on the market for years, the C920 is in fact available in several versions: C920, C920S, C920e… They all share the same characteristics: they are capable of filming in Full HD at 30 frames per second, with a field of view of 78 °. That’s enough most of the time.

Released several years ago, the 2-megapixel sensor is, however, showing its age slightly, particularly in terms of video color reproduction, which will need to be adjusted in settings, and its low-light capabilities. After long months marked by a shortage of stock and sky-high prices, it once again had an attractive price. For privacy enthusiasts, the C920e has a lens cap and microphones disabled by default. This is our webcam recommendation. To take advantage of better video compression, we also recommend the Logitech C925E.

Why choose the Logitech C920?

  • It is the versatile model par excellence
  • Available now for less than 80 euros
  • Full HD at 30 frames per second

Dell Webcam UltraSharp WB7022: the ambitious in 4K

Between streaming and teleworking, webcams are currently experiencing a true golden age. Last manufacturer to test the object: Dell, which offers with this Ultrasharp WB7022 a model dedicated above all to office automation.

If there’s one thing to praise, it’s the design, build quality, and attention to detail of this camera. We especially appreciate the magnetic cover to physically block the shot.

Video capture is done in 4K 30 fps or Full HD 60 fps. The image quality is generally correct, the colors respectful, both in good conditions and in low light. Note, however, that the autofocus is a bit weak. Note that it does not have a microphone, a point to take into account when installing your equipment.

Finally, there’s Windows Hello support, as well as some “AI” features, like auto-framing, which works well.

More at home for the office than streaming, this webcam is a solid, if expensive, option. We detail it in our test of the Dell UltraSharp WB7022.

Why choose Dell UltraSharp WB7022?

  • Finishes and respect for privacy
  • Compatible with Windows Hello
  • 4K at 30 frames per second

Logitech StreamCam: the webcam for streaming

Launched and tested in our columns a short time ago, the Logitech StreamCam it is the right option for larger budgets. As the name suggests, Logitech wants to make it the ultimate solution for streaming and live streaming. If it is indeed very good for this use, it is also simply a good webcam.

Record in 1080p at a rare 60 frames per second for even greater fluidity. It handles colorimetry particularly well for an image that, in addition to being precise and detailed, is well tuned by default. Its field of vision is identical to that of the C920: 78°.

Much newer than its predecessor, the StreamCam also adopts a USB-C connector and doesn’t include a USB-A adapter in the box. Therefore, your PC will need to have such a port. The webcam sells for around 125 euros in France and you’ll find all the details in our Logitech StreamCam test. Please note that their availability may still be a bit random at some retailers. Sold at the base at 159 euros, it now regularly benefits from large discounts, which makes it an even more interesting option.

Why choose Logitech StreamCam?

  • Full HD at 60 frames per second
  • a better image
  • An effort in audio

Razer Kiyo Pro: comfortable in the shade

Among the great weaknesses of webcams, we will especially highlight their reduced capabilities when the ambient light is not ideal. A concern that Razer tries to solve by equipping its brand new Kiyo Pro a larger-than-average Full HD sensor.

The Razer Kiyo Pro webcam
The Razer Kiyo Pro webcam // Source : Frandroid

And we must admit that at this point the contract is fulfilled, even with a brightness only created by our monitor, the image is quite usable. We also appreciate the presence of a very effective HDR mode to compensate for backlighting.

However, not everything is perfect: the wide angle used distorts the image too much for our liking and the autofocus sometimes loses a bit of control. We also advise against using the Razer Synapse software, it doesn’t add much and presents some issues for creating software webcams.

The Kiyo Pro is therefore a quality webcam, but one whose software would have deserved a bit more attention, especially at this price. We tell you more in the Razer Kiyo Pro test.

Why choose the Razer Kiyo Pro?

  • low light performance
  • The effective HDR mode
  • The successful design

Razer Kiyo: the webcam that lights you up

HE streamers Know it well: light is important. Razer has understood this well, with its Breeding which has the particularity of integrating ring LED lighting directly into the webcam. This is an advantage if you don’t want to invest in dedicated equipment and therefore makes for a good webcam to start streaming with.

The Kiyo is capable of filming in Full HD at 30 frames per second, or 720p at 60 frames per second. It’s newer hardware and therefore offers better image quality than the C920. It also has the merit of having an adjustable foot, which allows it to be used on a desktop. This can be handy if you have a rather special setup.

Why choose the Razer Kiyo?

  • For the integrated LED ring
  • 1080p at 30 frames per second
  • adjustable foot

Logitech C270: the very low price

Do you just need a small extra webcam and don’t want to spend more than 40 euros on it? Logitech is also known for its honest low prices. The Swiss brand thus offers a basic model of webcam, the C270.

So it’s an entry-level solution that won’t work miracles, but still shoots in 720p and will offer decent quality for video conferencing. Available as a base at 35 euros, it benefits from discounts on most e-commerce sites and is therefore often around 25 euros.

Why choose the Logitech C270?

  • For its low price
  • For its ease of use

How to improve the quality of your webcam?

If you want to go to the next step, the two points that we must improve are the sound quality and lighting. This last point is also crucial, webcams render much better when the brightness is high. Here is a small selection of accessories to improve your installation without breaking the bank.

They are: Blue Snowball ICE

If the headset’s built-in microphones work for in-game chat or a Google Meet meeting, they quickly show their limits, unless you’re aiming for higher-end models. To take the next step, we recommend that you invest in a dedicated microphone. For 60 euros, the blue snow globe ICE offers excellent value for money.

Equipped with a cardioid polar pattern, it primarily picks up the sounds in front of you. Your facility is plug and play and the recordings are quite correct. We only regret that the provided tripod is a bit low. However, it’s hard to ask for much more at this price.

Lights: Neewer Ring Light

Although sensors have come a long way in recent years, lack of light is still the biggest enemy of video. So using a dedicated lamp is a good way to improve rendering at low cost. Particularly versatile, this ring lamp signed New It has the good taste to come with all the necessary accessories to get started.

We find in particular a tripod, a thread for webcams and cameras and a support for phones. Given the price, the color temperature is not adjustable, but the 5500 K on offer is particularly versatile.

For a quality product, check out our full selection of ring lights.

Understand everything before buying your PC webcam

How to choose the webcam for your PC?

Two elements seem essential to us to make your choice: the definition of the image and the image refresh rate. At least 30 frames per second and HD definition are required. Full HD is preferred. Another important point: the field of view of the camera; 78° is standard, some go as far as 90°.

Why are Logitech webcams so popular?

After the end of the golden age of PC webcams, Logitech remained one of the few accessory companies to maintain investments in the segment. Now that they’re back in style, the brand is reaping the rewards of this labor as it gradually redirects its communication towards streamers.

Can you use your smartphone as a webcam?

If possible. Whether it’s an Android smartphone or an iPhone, on Windows, macOS, or Linux, you can use your smartphone as a webcam and it’s usually not very complicated.

Can you use your GoPro as a webcam?

You may have a GoPro sitting around your house, which offers much better image quality than most built-in webcams. This is a good thing as GoPro has recently offered a webcam mode for the vast majority of its references.

So you will need at least one GoPro HERO4 Black and follow this user guide.

A good way to recycle a device that is used very occasionally.

Do you want to join a community of enthusiasts? Our Discord welcomes you, it is a place of mutual help and passion for technology.

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