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A few days after the Google Bard announcement, we learned that the web giant is preparing to integrate its conversational AI into ChromeOS. Chromebooks could soon benefit from ChatGPT in the Google sauce with several possible modalities.

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The AI ​​war is officially launched: Microsoft has integrated ChatGPT into Bing and Edge, while Google has introduced Bard, its LaMDA-based conversational chatbot. The latter would arrive in ChromeOS, the operating system for Chromebooks.

Google prepares the integration of Bard in ChromeOS

Indeed, 9to5Google detected changes in operating system code that refer to ” conversational search “. The English media found out that this experimental feature would soon appear in the operating system.

Google Bard’s first ad contains an error

Initially, it may only be available to users who have enabled it on the chrome://flags page. It is a ” launch experienceaccording to the labeled description. So Google would look to make Bard available very quickly, like Microsoft with ChatGPT on Bing. However, we cannot imagine a launch sooner.”version 112 in April or 113 in May“. Google could choose to wait for Google I / O next May, being its highly anticipated conference, including announcements around AI.

How can we use Bard on a Chromebook?

While we could obviously use Bard on the Google search engine directly, the integration would be deeper on Chromebooks. ChromeOS is being developed by Google, the latter may further boost the uses of its conversational AI.

If the experimental feature is enabled, then the launcher would no longer use the built-in search features: file, app, and Google results search. They would be replaced by Bard, via a discussion that would start. As noted9to5GoogleIt is under development, so the integration could be modified before it is deployed.

Source: Google

Bard could, for example, appear on a separate page in the ChromeOS menu, like it does with Google Assistant today. Then there would be a scrolling chat history and a search bar from which to start a new conversation. In fact, it looks like Bard will completely replace Google search in the launcher.

Be careful though, Google made a mistake that cost it $100 billion. During Bard’s demo, a bug slipped into the chatbot’s responses, severely damaging the Bard’s reputation. So we understand that the giant is walking on eggshells a bit on the subject.

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