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Microsoft is rolling out a new Windows 11 update in version 22H2. It brings a lot of new features to the program: AI-powered Bing integration, sending SMS on iPhone from your PC, new features for video conferencing, and a redesign of widgets.

Computers Windows 11 // Source: Microsoft

A new Windows 11 update is coming and it brings more artificial intelligence to the operating system of our PCs than ever before. Bing Sauce with ChatGPT is available directly in the operating system. It is also an opportunity to improve the interconnectivity between your smartphone (and especially your iPhone) with your computer. An update available now through Windows Update.

AI-powered conversational Bing comes to Windows 11

The most important novelty is undoubtedly the integration of the ” new bing in the Microsoft operating system. The latter also seems to be following its traditional strategy: when you develop a service, you forcefully integrate it into your other services. So far, conversational Bing has been found on the PC search engine, the Bing app, the Edge browser, and even Skype. From now on, it is added in the search field inside the taskbar.

Bing integration with AI in Windows 11 // Source: Microsoft

Microsoft justifies it by stating in its press release that the search bar of its operating system is ” one of the most used features of Windows, with more than half a billion users each month. » A bar working with Bing, which explains why this search engine is not used thatthree times less than Google in the European Union. The feature won’t be available to everyone, though: Like anyone, you must first sign up for the waiting list for the new Bing.

AI in the Start menu // Source: Microsoft

Artificial intelligence is also built into the file manager in versions of Windows 11 Pro associated with Azure Active Directory (AAD). AI-recommended content is offered in the Start menu. According to Microsoft, this helps users “prepare for upcoming meetings, quickly access files you’re collaborating on, and more.The developer also announces an improvement in the search for files locally and in the cloud through the file explorer.

Your iPhone finally truly connected to your PC

Another change that this umpteenth Windows update brings: support for calls and SMS from iPhones by the “mobile connected(Phone Link in English) of Windows 11. Microsoft says that it is making efforts in the direction of the users of Apple devices, since it had already facilitated the access to the photo album and the integration of iCloud. This feature is currently released to members of the Windows Insiders program, but it is expected to be available to everyone in the coming months.

The Connected Mobile application allows you to use calls and SMS on iPhone // Source: Microsoft

Samsung smartphones also benefit from some improvements in the connection with Windows PCs. Microsoft says it has “made it easy to activate your phone’s personal hotspot with a single click from the list of Wi-Fi networks on your PC.” Also, “Samsung users can now easily transfer their browsing sessions from their smartphone to their PC» ; a function that is also possible thanks to the One UI 5.1 update.

A more responsive video conferencing experience

Windows 11 already natively integrates options for video conferencing: audio and video effects such as background blur, automatic framing, etc. Microsoft announces easier and faster handling of Windows Studio Effects settings. With this setup, you can now “Instantly adjust background blur, eye contact and auto framingin video conferencing applications.

Among the novelties, there is also a redesign of the Conversation application. She “has been completely redesigned to make it easier to preview your video and let you jump right into a call or share a call link via any app“. In a single window, we can finally consult all the conversations we have.

Windows 11 widgets got a little better

It may be an unfamiliar feature, but widgets exist in Microsoft’s operating system: to access them, simply click the weather icon at the bottom left of your screen. This gives access to the weather, news, calendar, stock quotes, latest messages and even video games. The widgets are completed with this update since we now find Phone Link, Xbox Game Pass and integrations with Spotify or even Meta applications.

The new widgets in Windows 11 // Source: Microsoft

Microsoft is making a small change regarding the use of the touch screen in its operating system. As of now, the taskbar is no longer showing: You no longer see your list of apps, well, not all the time. We end up with a slash, the same one we use on iOS or Android. By swiping up, we can open the widgets and access your software.

New accessibility options

Microsoft is announcing new accessibility features, such as support for additional Braille displays, specifically those from HumanWare designed for Surface. Also, “switch between Narrator and other screen readers while using your braille displaybecomes transparent, read the publisher’s press release.

Voice access improves in Windows 11 // Source: Microsoft

Voice usage is enhanced with voice access to a number of Microsoft applications, such as File Explorer or Word. Until now, it was only available in preview phase.

Other new features of Windows 11

Other small changes are coming to Windows 11. First, there’s the faster connection in the Quick Support tool, which lets you connect to a loved one’s computer to help them. A kind of TeamViewer dedicated to help: you can only activate screen sharing or give control of your PC. An assistant that can now be opened from the Start menu, with easier switching between screen sharing and taking control. A new pointer allows you to highlight an item on the screen.

Quick help just got faster // Source: Microsoft

Additionally, screen video recordings can now be scaled as desired. Also, they are automatically saved to a default folder. All of this cannot be used through the Xbox Game Bar, but rather through the screenshot tool, which previously only allowed you to save images.

Now we can scale video captures // Source: Microsoft

Another light novelty, but expected by a certain public (especially developers and IT specialists) – tabs in the Notepad application. No need to open a bunch of windows, you can simply open a new tab like you would in your browser to open another text file by clicking “+at the top of the window.

Tabs in the Notepad app // Source: Microsoft

There are also new indicators in the configuration: these are recommendations and buttons to modify the configuration of your system in order to have a more responsible use of your computer. You can change the battery consumption mode, screen standby mode, etc.

Windows 11 recommendations on the power consumption of your computer // Source: Microsoft

The Windows 365 app is coming to the Microsoft Store: As a reminder, it lets you use a PC on thecloudas Shadow, with your Microsoft profile and settings. Responsiveness is improved as you can instantly switch from your local office to your office in thecloud.

If Microsoft is already starting the rollout of this Windows 11 update, you will have to wait a few weeks before the rollout is complete. The firm plans an update available to everyone during the month of March.

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