ChatGPT has just arrived on Apple Watch and it’s already a success

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OpenAI’s artificial intelligence is now available on the Apple Watch thanks to watchGPT, an app released by a Dutch developer on Tuesday, March 7. If it doesn’t revolutionize the service that OpenAI offers, the integration of ChatGPT in Apple’s connected watch simplifies the entry of long texts.

ChatGPT can now be accessed on Apple Watch through the watchGPT paid app. // Source: watchGPT via 9to5Mac

After search engines, office suites or video games, it didn’t take long for ChatGPT to reach the Apple Watch. As of Tuesday, March 7, the watchGPT app is available in the Apple Connected Watch App Store. Thus, it allows you to use the artificial intelligence of OpenAI to generate complex responses right from your wrist.

Just launched, the application created by the Dutch developer Hidde van der Ploeg is already one of the most purchased on the App Store for iPhone and iPad: watchGPT is the first in the paid top this Thursday March 9 in the French version of the store of apps (and highly ranked in the top US).

Generate long responses without taking out your iPhone

The app works as such: once opened, watchGPT offers to ask for it” It does not matter that“, either by typing on the Apple Watch’s tiny keyboard, or by asking your question orally. A message then indicates that the application “reflectthen displays the generated response, scrollable with the Apple Watch crown. This new service finally allows you to share this text by SMS, instant messaging, email or social networks.

Thus, watchGPT demonstrates the practicality of accessing ChatGPT on a smartwatch: you can ask the AI ​​to generate a very long text without having to type on your watch or take out your phone. This was already possible with voice assistants like Google Assistant, but here the level of understanding of the request and the complexity of the text produced is more advanced.

It is also possible to add a shortcut to watchGPT on the main time dial via “complications” from Apple.

More features to come

If watchGPT is currently limited to a single question at a time, regardless of each other, the Dutch developer plans to integrate a continuous conversation system, like for OpenAI’s intelligent chatbot. Other improvements are also announced, according to the specialized site9to5Macsuch as a question and answer history or an option for a synthetic voice to read the answer.

The app also ensures that it does not collect any data, although your use of ChatGPT is powered by artificial intelligence to improve it. watchGPT is available in French, English, Dutch and Spanish for a single price of €5 and requires at least iOS 13.

Apple facing its contradictions

Surprising fact: The indicated minimum age of use is 9 years or older in the App Store, while Apple recently blocked the update of an application that integrated ChatGPT on the pretext that it was not classified as “17 and over“. Yet another contradiction that illustrates the vagueness of the company’s policy on integrating AI into the services available on its platforms.

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