ChatGPT, Google Bard… which one will revolutionize search first?

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Artificial intelligence is on everyone’s lips in the Tech world, especially in recent days with the integration of ChatGPT in Microsoft Bing and Edge or the introduction of Google Bard. Who will be able to revolutionize the web before the others?

Microsoft ChatGPT vs Google Bard, both AIs are represented by robots // Source: Image created by Frandroid with Midjourney

A lot, a LOT has happened on the AI ​​side of things in the last few days. Microsoft announced the integration of the awesome ChatGPT in Bing and Edge. Opposite, he is a considerable opponent who confronts him with the Google Bard.

These two solutions want to revolutionize, neither more nor less, the way we do research on the web. Since for each query, these AIs are supposed to be able to provide a compatible, natural and relevant speech so that you no longer need to click on the classic links that normally appear in the results.

Two AI, represented by robots, compete // Source: Image created by Frandroid with Midjourney

So many issues come into consideration. How will this improve or worsen the user experience on these platforms? What will be the impact on the SEO referencing of websites? Can Google’s hegemony in the search world be thwarted? Can professions disappear, appear or change in depth?

Who from ChatGPT or Google Bard will revolutionize search?

In short, is the Web of tomorrow already under the aegis of these artificial intelligences? ChatGPT quickly impressed, while to the contrary, a simple mistake by Bard caused Google to lose $100 billion in the stock market. Proof that this trend already has a huge influence on the major players in technology.

In short, while waiting to see all these news that are sure to happen, we wanted to ask for your intuition, to know how you see the relatively near future. So who do you think will revolutionize search first?


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