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Discord has just jumped on the bandwagon of artificial intelligence hype. The online chat and community service has many plans to better integrate AI into its features.

After Google or Microsoft, it’s Discord’s turn to take up the increasingly popular topic of artificial intelligence. frandroid I was able to attend a presentation of the firm’s projects in this field and the least we can say is that the service has many ideas.

It must be said that Discord is already a breeding ground for artificial intelligence. It is in this service that millions of users discover imaging with MidJourney. Discord reports that 3 million servers already integrate AI in one form or another, and more than 30 million users try it every month.

Clyde: ChatGPT directly into your conversations

Perhaps the biggest new feature is ChatGPT’s integration with Discord’s Clyde chatbot. On servers where the feature is enabled, it will be possible to call Clyde as another user and ask him questions directly like you can on ChatGPT.

Source: Discord

To integrate this new service, Discord has also partnered with OpenAI and the model used is in the strict sense that of ChatGPT. This means that, as with ChatGPT, and unlike Bing, Clyde’s knowledge base is locked to 2021. You won’t be able to ask him about current news.

During his presentation, Discord gave several examples of using Clyde for fairly simple requests like ” What time is it in Tokyo? “. The service specifies that server administrators will obviously be able to configure, moderate, or even disable Clyde’s features.

Faced with the individual use of ChatGPT, Discord raises the idea of ​​a conversation among several around the chatbot and a collective activity.

A summary of the conversations.

If you are a regular on Discord, you must have had at least once the impression that you missed a conversation between other members when connecting. Then it is necessary to reread the messages of the previous hours to understand and be able to participate in the conversation. A rather frustrating feeling.

Source: Discord

With Conversation Summaries, Discord wants to use AI to give you an automatically created summary accessible with a few clicks from a chat channel. Therefore, it becomes much easier to get back on the train.

Assisted moderation tools

Moderation is a key issue when it comes to social media, and Discord is no exception. The strength of the service lies in the ability of administrators to set their rules and be able to moderate the content shared in their space themselves.

With AI, Discord wants to make moderation easier by giving AutoMod new capabilities through AI. The idea here is to allow AutoMod to understand the rules of a Discord server and better understand a conversation and its context in order to automatically report potentially problematic messages to moderation.

Release next week

At this point, Discord talks about AI integration as a series of experiments. The rollout will begin next week on a limited number of servers, based on popularity and activity. Using AI like ChatGPT can be very expensive, and Discord probably wants to be very careful. As is, the use of these new services will be free.

Discord also revealed a small preview of the longer-term plans. It is a collaborative whiteboard where the sketches of the speakers can be transformed into images thanks to Midjourney. In the same vein, Discord introduced Avatar Remix, the ability to ask the AI ​​to rework one or another user’s avatar (for example, add a mustache to a photo).

The firm is only in the early stages of these new projects, but the enthusiasm of its teams was particularly palpable.

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