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Dyson offers powerful and practical stick vacuums for your home maintenance. With quite high prices depending on the model, today the Dyson V10 Origin sees its price drop to 379 euros instead of 429 euros, only on the Cdiscount site.

The Dyson V10 Origin without its accessories

The British manufacturer Dyson has established itself with its vacuum brooms, to become a benchmark in the sector. The only criticism that can be made of the brand is the price of its products, which are generally quite high. Over time, some models are marketed at a better price, such as the V10 Origin. The latter is not the latest from the brand, but it is still effective for removing dirt at home. Today enjoy a discount of 50 euros.

The benefits of the Dyson V10 Origin

  • A practical and manageable vacuum cleaner
  • With good suction power
  • for a good hour

Launched at 429 euros, the Dyson V10 Origin broom vacuum cleaner is currently at a reduced price: it can be found at 379 euros at Cdiscount, or 50 euros in savings.

A lightweight and versatile stick vacuum

The Dyson V10 Origin is a bit older, but its maneuverability and suction power still make it a great stick vacuum. If you still use a “sled” vacuum, the V10 Origin will be less painful to move even between floors with its 2.6kg weight. After several minutes of cleaning, it is pleasant to handle and can be transformed into a handheld vacuum cleaner, for better ergonomics in corners that are difficult to access or at height.

Still powerful for his age.

It is not the brand’s most powerful broom vacuum cleaner, but the V10 Origin is equipped with a motor that reaches 125,000 revolutions per minute. Good power that is enough to clean your floors, thanks in particular to the fourteen cyclones that produce centrifugal force to capture the dust, without slowing down as the suction progresses. It is also capable of capturing particles such as pollen and bacteria, ensuring a healthy and livable living space for allergy sufferers.

The V10 Origin is equipped with the Motorbar brush, which is especially good at vacuuming up pet hair without tangling it, whatever the type of floor. You will still have to be vigilant, because animal hair can easily get clogged and you risk losing efficiency. With 3 power modes available, the V10 Origin provides up to 60 minutes of cleaning with Max mode. Once your vacuuming session is over, all you have to do is hang the Dyson on its wall-mounted docking station. Please note that it will take 3.5 hours to recharge.

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