Cdiscount breaks the price of the Xbox Series controller: two colors are available

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If you are looking for an effective game controller to play on Xbox, PC or even on your smartphone, you can easily turn to the Xbox Series controller, which stands out in particular for its ergonomics. For now, you can even find it at 47.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros on Cdiscount in two of its colors.

Comfort in the hand, ergonomics, compatibility… Players on different platforms review a multitude of criteria before purchasing a gamepad, which must be effective over time. The Xbox Series Wireless Controller ticks all of these boxes and more. One of his other assets? Its price, which falls below 50 euros after an immediate discount of 20%.

Xbox Series Controller Basics

  • very good ergonomics
  • a comfortable grip
  • Compatibility with Xbox, but also with PC, Android and iOS

Initially shown at €59.99, the Xbox Series Wireless Controller (Blue) is now being offered at €47.99 on Amazon. The red model is also available at the same price.

If the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available after that, check out other Xbox Series Wireless Controller promotions below. The table is automatically updated.

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Microsoft Xbox Series wireless controller at the best price?

An easy-to-grip handle

You’ll be hard-pressed to find any major differences between the design of the previous Xbox One controller and this Xbox Series controller. But this is not necessarily a bad point, since the players appreciated the format of this accessory. However, the Xbox Series is a bit more compact, which will delight those with smaller hands. Microsoft has also opted for other small changes, such as adding a new grip where the palms of our hands rest, to improve grip, but also in the triggers and LB/RB buttons. Thus we are entitled to a much more pleasant grip.

In addition, the directional pad has been replaced by a circular D-Pad, inspired by the Elite controller, and provided with a bump for the four main directions. A “Share” button has also been added to the middle of the controller, allowing the player to quickly take an in-game screenshot or save the last moments of a game on video. Otherwise, the additional vibration motors in the triggers are back, as they already were with the Xbox One controller. On the other hand, there are no “3D” vibrations, adaptive triggers, integrated microphone or even gyroscope as with some competitors .

A universal controller

One of the main strengths of this Xbox Series controller is undoubtedly its compatibility with a large number of devices. And this is where its traditional side, therefore devoid of all the premium technologies mentioned above, constitutes a real asset: the adaptive triggers or the gyroscope would not necessarily have been recognized and therefore used on devices other than Xbox. . Therefore, Microsoft preferred universal compatibility, rather than adding these technologies.

So the Xbox Series controller is obviously compatible with Xbox Series S and Series X consoles, as well as Xbox One, but also PC (note that the controller is recognized as an Xbox One controller in Windows 10, so Therefore, it will not be possible to use the “Share” button, Android devices and those running iOS, that is, smartphones or tablets. Finally, the controller can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth or via a dongle. A USB-C port it is also present in the accessory. Please also note that this controller is supplied with disposable batteries and not with a built-in battery. You can always opt for rechargeable batteries, which are more environmentally friendly, or another battery.

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8 /10

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