Carte Vitale, CNI, permission… are you for or against the dematerialization of identity documents?

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More and more official documents are dematerialized on our smartphones. Rather a good or a bad idea in your opinion?

Is this the end of the wallet? With the evolution of technologies, our smartphones are gradually replacing the many cards that we might carry with us on a daily basis. While payment cards and other loyalty cards are increasingly being used on our phones, thanks in particular to systems like Apple Pay and Google Pay, official documents are beginning to appear as well.

digital official documents

On December 28, 2022, an official decree laid the foundations for the e-carte Vitale, a digital vital card to keep on your smartphone. Nothing mandatory, of course, but a way to make sure we never forget this essential during our doctor visits. It works through a dedicated app that transmits the information it contains to healthcare professionals via NFC or a QR code.

It is not the first time that an idea of ​​this type has been implemented. In 2022, for example, we learn of the creation of a system of “digital identity assurance serviceto scan biometric identity cards. As early as 2015, the provisional license could already be presented on a smartphone and some countries, such as the United States, have already integrated these documents into the heart of ecosystems such as Apple Pay.

Between simplicity and security

Obviously, making these mandatory documents available on our smartphones is a way to use less plastic, lighten our wallets, and ensure we never forget them. However, the implementation sometimes lacks transparency regarding the security of this sensitive data.

When they are stored in an encrypted enclave on our phones, it means that losing them involves extra paperwork, while if they are stored on a server, be it state owned or a private company, the risks of hacking are terrifying.

For your part, do you think that the gain in practicality is a sufficient argument against risk? Tell us everything below and feel free to argue in the comments.


Carte Vitale, CNI, permission… are you for or against the dematerialization of identity documents?

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