Carl Pei promises a new device “next month” and we can already guess what it is

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At MWC 2023, Carl Pei announced a new product launch very soon. With the latest rumors, we can already get an idea.

Carl Pei at MWC 2023 for Nothing announcements // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

Nothing was timidly present at MWC 2023. The young brand, however, organized a moment of communication through its founder Carl Pei, with Qualcomm.

It should be noted that the businessman gave news of the phone Nada (2). Being at the Qualcomm booth, known for its Snapdragon, we might expect an announcement on the smartphone side. The surprise came from a second jokewith a very close arrival.

A new product “next month”

In the course of their discussion, Carl Pei announced the arrival of a new product “next month.” Knowing that he makes this announcement on February 28, this technically means the month of March. However, we can imagine that he already had the month of April in mind.

So what product could it be? Knowing that we are not talking about Nothing phone (2) here, we would be tempted to imagine successors to Nothing ear (1). There is nothing to confirm it, but rumors and leaks are already circulating through the headphones (2).

However, the most imaginative can expect other types of products: a connected watch, a PC, a tablet or even another model of smartphone.

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