But where have the redesigned Model 2 and Model 3 gone?

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During its Investor Day on March 1, 2023, Tesla was expected on the turn. The American automaker was expected to announce the Tesla Model 2, as well as the redesigned Tesla Model 3 (Highland) and Hardware 4 (HW4). But in the end, we were entitled to a dense, long and boring conference.

We were on deck tonight to cover Investor Day, Tesla’s investor conference. Elon Musk had promised something big, very big even, by announcing that Part Three of his Master Plan would be announced there. We also had to have details about the new electric car platform.

Many observers then saw an opportunity for Tesla to lift the veil on its $25,000 electric car: the famous Model 2. We also expected the redesigned Model 3, also called Project Highland. In the end, several interlocutors from the company followed one another on stage to reassure investors and show Tesla’s strength against the competition.

And it is true that the demonstration was interesting, although quite long and sometimes indigestible. We were still entitled to some announcements, but none really important.

Tesla Conference Conclusions

The first is the arrival of the v4 Superchargers in Europe with… a longer cable than the v3. It may sound trivial, but it is actually very practical. The second is the transition from low voltage batteries from 12 to 48 volts. This further reduces manufacturing costs.

Finally, the latest announcement is the opening of a new Gigafactory, the one in Mexico City. It is therefore the 7th Gigafactory, after those in Fremont, Nevada, New York, Shanghai, Texas and Berlin.

Unfortunately, the redesigned Tesla Model 2 and Tesla Model 3 will not have been revealed today. Not the HW4…

A Tesla Model 2… and a Robovan?

But if we look closely at the image of one in this article, we see two vehicles hidden under a white sheet. The smallest appears to be a Tesla Model 2. The largest could be the Robovan that Elon Musk had briefly spoken about. on Twitter a few months ago. A utility vehicle for the transport of (many) people and goods.

Finally, during the Q&A session, Elon Musk pointed out that two-way charging isn’t very useful because the Powerwall is more efficient. Musk noted that Tesla isn’t planning too many different models to hit 20 million cars. He estimates that around 10 models should be enough.

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