Bouygues offers an Xbox Series S with its fiber subscription

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Do you want to move to the new generation of consoles while enjoying an ultra-efficient wireless network? Bouygues is currently offering a new offer called Bbox Gaming that includes a fiber subscription and an Xbox Series S console, all starting at €41.99 per month.

Wanting to compete with SFR’s gaming offerings that include a PlayStation 5, Bouygues launched his own formula earlier in the year, this time with an Xbox Series S. An all-in-one offering for demanding gamers, especially with the addition of a game. Skip subscription. Everything is offered with the two advanced subscriptions of the operator: Bbox Must and Bbox Ultym.

The strengths of this Bbox & Xbox offer

  • The choice between Bbox Must and Bbox Ultym
  • An Xbox Series S console with a Gamepass subscription (3 or 12 months)
  • A TV package of 180+ channels with Box TV (4K or 4K HDR decoder)
  • Unlimited telephony to landlines in France and more than 110 countries

At the moment, Bouygues Telecom’s special Bbox Gaming series is available from 41.99 euros per month with the Bbox Must offer and 51.99 euros per month with the Bbox Ultym offer. In both cases, the Xbox Series S costs 1 euro with a 3-month subscription to the Xbox Game Pass service and 159 euros with a 24-month subscription. In all cases, these subscriptions are offered with a 2-year commitment.

A complete offer of fiber (Internet, TV, fixed telephony)

This Bbox Gaming offer adds the contribution of a new generation console but it is also above all a complete fiber offer that includes fiber internet connection, a TV package accompanied by a decoder and a fixed telephone line.

First, the offer bbox must provides theoretical download speeds of 1 Gb/s and theoretical upload speeds of 600 Mb/s wirelessly in your home with optimal performance. The offer comes with a TV box, the Bbox 4K, which runs on Android TV with an interface customized by Bouygues. It’s certainly capable of displaying your shows and VOD in 4K, but it doesn’t provide HDR. On the connectivity side, it offers 2 USB 2.0 ports, an SD card reader, an HDMI 1.4 port, and a 100 Mb/s Ethernet port only.

On the other hand, the offer Bbox Ultimate it is the most advanced fiber subscription in the range and is designed for users looking for pure performance. On the network side, the router can receive a connection of up to 2 Gb/s in theoretical downlink (download) speeds and up to 600 Mb/s in upload. Suffice it to say that with such speeds you can enjoy the Internet at home. It is also compatible with Wi-FI 6E, which means that all your devices that support this standard will work to the best of their abilities. On the TV box side, we move on to the latest generation, specifically the Bbox 4K HDR, undoubtedly the best operator TV box on the market with its suite of the latest video and audio standards (HDR 10+ and Dolby Digital+) and an extremely smooth and practical Android TV custom interface.

In both cases, in addition to Internet, these offers offer a TV package of 180 channels with a landline telephone line with unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France, as well as to landlines in more than 110 countries.

The Xbox Series S: entering the next generation

With its mini format, the absence of an optical drive and its simple design all dressed in white, the Xbox Series S has its small effect and power it does not lack despite its positioning in the range of Next-Gen consoles. It is also and above all a console designed to go hand in hand with the famous Xbox Game Pass from Microsoft and thus benefit from a catalog of hundreds of games in local or cloud version.

On the technical side, the Series S is capable of delivering games that can run up to 120 FPS, it’s certainly less powerful than its big brother, the Xbox Series X, but it will be perfect, even for 4K, thanks to its adaptive. resolution There is also a 512 GB NVMe SSD that offers ultra-fast loading and almost instant game launch thanks to the famous feature quick resume. Finally, it is also compatible with Wi-FI 6, perfect for combining with the latest generation Bbox routers.

Current similar fiber offers

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Bbox fit Fibre

Débit jusqu’à 400 Mb/s

Sans Player TV

Téléphonie vers 110 destinations

Fibre, Câble

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Débit jusqu’à 500 Mb/s

Sans Player TV

Téléphonie vers 100 destinations

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flow up to 8GB/s

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Telephony to 110 destinations

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