Boursorama Banque launches a new savings account with a gross annual rate of 3%

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In this inflationary spiral, online banks are doing everything they can to attract savers and Boursorama Banque is not missing the call. With this in mind, the online bank is launching a new savings account with a 12-month gross rate of return of 3%.

Online banks have not escaped the inflationary dynamics that have affected the European Union in recent months. After the ECB raised deposit rates to 2.5% in February, banking players are following suit and offering new banking products in this direction. This is the case of Boursorama Banque, which announced this morning the arrival of a new term account.

A savings account at 3% gross for 12 months

With its various savings products and the success in December 2022 of its Bourso+ savings account launched with a 2% rate of return, Boursorama Banque indicates that it has raised more than 15 billion euros in assets in 2022, of which 9 Only in deposit taking. This is an increase of +43% in one year, with a result of 16.6% of all deposits made in France last year.

A colossal result that pushed the number one online bank in France to go further in 2023, by announcing the arrival of a new term account. It offers a fixed annual gross rate of 3% with a 12-month remuneration.

Benoit Grisoni, CEO of Boursorama, says:

This new Boursorama Banque term account remunerated at 3% gross over 12 months offers clients who wish to make investments of more than thirty thousand euros a risk-free, simple and high-yield solution that fully complements the precautionary savings solutions already offered. either regulated savings accounts or the Bourso+ savings account with attractive returns but with limited amounts.

This brochure is added to the Livret Bourso+ and the Livret A and is available from 30,000 euros.

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