Bose noise reduction headphones for less than €200? It’s the big deal of the day!

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If you want to invest in noise-cancelling headphones without paying full price, the Bose QC Special Edition might be for you. Copy of the QC 45, this helmet is now available at 199 euros compared to the usual 269 euros.

After launching its QuietComfort 45 headphones, Bose introduced another model: QC Special Edition. The latter takes identical characteristics from its older brother, but also the characteristics. We are entitled to the presence of active noise reduction, a transparent mode and good autonomy, all for less than 200 euros today thanks to this 25% discount.

The benefits of Bose QC Special Edition

  • A comfortable helmet
  • effective noise reduction
  • The presence of transparency mode and multipoint Bluetooth.

Instead of a strikeout price of €269.99, the Bose QuietComfort SE headphones (with protective case) are just €199 at Boulanger. It is also at the same price on the Darty site.

A comfortable helmet to wear

Like the QC 45, the Bose QuietComfort Special Edition is all about comfort. With their circumaural, the headphones cover the entire ear and are comfortable to wear, even over time. Its shape memory ear pads are also there to maximize the comfort of the set, which weighs just 240g.

Bose advertises a 24-hour usage time with the noise reduction system activated. It even supports fast charging. After 15 minutes of charging (via USB-C), you’ll get an additional three hours of listening time. To recharge it to 100%, it will take 2 hours 30 minutes.

Able to reduce ambient noise

The QC Special Edition also offers an active noise reduction system. To do this, the headset incorporates four external microphones, as well as internal microphones responsible for reducing residual noise that would not have been erased by the passive isolation that the circumaural format allows. In fact, the noise reduction is very effective and will very well attenuate the sounds of traffic, on the train or even those that bother us a little in the open space. On the other hand, unlike some competitors, it cannot be modulated: it is either activated or not.

We appreciate the presence of a transparency mode that will allow you to clearly hear the noises around you, without having to remove the headphones from your ears. On the sound side, it will be of good quality and the presence of an equalizer will allow you to modulate the sound signature of the headphones as you wish. And if you want to be able to connect the QC SE to two devices simultaneously (a computer and a smartphone, for example), you can easily do so thanks to multipoint Bluetooth. Switching from one source to another will be very easy.

To find the headphones that best suit you, and compare the Bose QuietComfort SE with other references on the market, we invite you to consult our guide to the best Bluetooth (wireless) headphones of 2023.

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