Bose could unite its two lines with the best noise-canceling headphones

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Bose is preparing an upcoming Bluetooth headset with active noise reduction: QuietComfort Ultra. If it seems that it is still in development, its design is inspired by the two previous models of the manufacturer.

Bose’s next Bluetooth headphones could be a design amalgamation of the brand’s two high-end models. // Source: Kuba Wojciechowski via Twitter

The next Bose headphones could merge the design of the last two models of the brand, if this rumor is to be believed. Friday, February 24, the leaker Kuba Wojciechowski posted on his Twitter account an image of a forthcoming Bluetooth headset with active noise reduction signed with the logo of the American brand specialized in audio: the “Quiet Comfort Ultra».

Key name: “lonely StarAccording to this source. A model “Ultra»which could be the successor to the QuietComfort 45, launched in 2021… but recovering the design of another range of Bose headphones.

Headphones similar to the Bose NC 700…

At the moment, everything we know about this helmet is in two tweets by Kuba Wojciechowski. In addition to revealing the name of the headphones, his first tweet is accompanied by a visual in the form of a 3D rendering of a prototype: black in color, we see a product quite comparable to the Bose Headphones 700 model, launched in 2019.

The curvature of the shells is identical, as are the ear pads, the location of the USB-C port and that of the two buttons visible on the outside of one of the helmet shells (probably dedicated to power, active control noise reduction and activation of a voice assistant). A second tweet, with another 3D rendering, reveals the same model in white, from another angle, with the same 2.5mm mini-jack input as the NC 700.

Leak: Bose QuietComfort Ultra (codename “Lone Starr”) – Bose’s new flagship ANC headphones!

— Kuba Wojciechowski 🌺 (@Za_Raczke) February 23, 2023

…with a headband inspired by the Bose QC 45

The real difference, however, is in the bow design. While the one on the NC 700 extends up to the shells, allowing them to slide along the temples of this bow to adjust the width of the shell, this QC Ultra would return to a more classic mechanism: two fork-shaped pieces connect the bow. to helmets, as on the QC 45. Adjustment of the width of the product appears to be done by sliding the fork out or in of the bow.

It is also unknown if the bow will be able to bend. A trace of separation on the fork seems to indicate a separation. However, we don’t know if it will only be used to rotate the ear cups or also to fold the headband like on the Bose QC 45. However, the headband cushion seems thicker than on the previous two models, somewhat mimicking the design of The Bose’s main competitor in the high-end: the Sony WH-1000XM5.

Little information, but a serious leaker

However, we still do not know anything about the range and segment in which this model could be positioned, although the term “Ultrasuggests a higher-end model meant to compete with Sony’s latest headphones. Kuba Wojciechowski warns that he has very little informationspecifying that this Bose QC Ultra would be “early in its developmentAlso note that this model could bring together both of the manufacturer’s current ranges of noise-cancelling headphones: the more design-oriented Headphones 700 and the more practically-oriented Bose QuietComfort with its physical buttons. Bose hit hard at the end of last year by offering the best noise reduction on the market, not in headphones, but in simple headphones, the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II, so we can expect the Bose QC Ultra to benefit from this as well. excellent noise reduction.

However, we can place our trust in this leaker: at the beginning of February, he had in particular revealed images of the Sony WH-CH520Nthe new mid-range helmet from the Japanese manufacturer announced on February 21st.

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