Bosch wants to make electric mountain biking even easier and more comfortable

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Combined with Bosch’s smart system, the eBike Flow app has some useful new features for cyclists: more precise settings for certain modes and new route profiles are on the menu today.

Source: Bosch

If you are the owner of an electric bicycle equipped by Bosch (motor, battery, screen), you are aware that you have at your disposal a mobile application (eBike Connect) to consult a lot of behavior information. Since 2022, a new, more advanced app has emerged: eBike Flow, which is intrinsically linked to Bosch’s famous “smart system” connected solution.

Over time, this technology has found its way into all Bosch components. Today, it is found everywhere except in basic motors (Active Line and Active Line Plus) and batteries (PowerPack 300, 400 and 500). All other versions are entitled to two options: the second generation system or the intelligent system.

Always more customizable

The latter brings a certain advantage: it allows the manufacturer’s battery, remote control, motorization and ABS to be connected, in order to implement new functionalities there in the short, medium and long term. Making corrections is also part of his attributes.

Bosch has just updated its app, which allows you to refine your riding experience in two types of situations: for mountain biking and cycling. Previously preconfigured and serviced by the brand, the eMTB and Tour+ riding modes can now be customized however you see fit.

Thus, you now have control over the dynamism, power, speed and even the torque of your electric bike: all this data can be configured, by handor, within the application. If you decide, for example, to limit the torque of your VAE, then it will be less dynamic on slopes, when starting or at times.

Routes for speed motorcycles

In fact, Bosch offers the driver the freedom to better control the behavior of his bike according to the sections of his route. Do you need full engine power on demanding terrain? set it up. On the contrary, the next 5 km portion remains calmer? So reduce your demands and save battery.

All other modes (Race, Sport, Cargo, Turbo, Auto, Tour and Eco) can already be customized in this way.

Bosch is also tackling route profiles and mapping details: a new “Speed” profile appears, specially designed for speedbikes. The user is offered a suitable route calculation.

Source: Bosch

Satellite, VVTAE route and electric bike density map (heat map): These three mapping variants have the merit of completing the experience. The first ” provides a better overview and more accurate information about the environment “He explains the brand in a press release, without giving further details.

A questionable heat map

The second shows the mountain bike trails located in the surrounding area, to help cyclists discover new horizons. ” E-MTB routes are color coded by level of difficulty Bosch explains.

Finally, theheat mapindicates the routes that eBike users like to take regularly. Obviously it does not take into account other cyclists, those who ride mechanical bicycles. Another question arises: thisheat mapDoes it only include users with Bosch components? If this is the case, this necessarily limits the panel of people taken into account…

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