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OnePlus is announcing a host of new products today, including the highly anticipated OnePlus 11. But alongside wireless headphones and a mechanical keyboard, the brand is also introducing its first touchscreen tablet, the OnePlus Pad, which stands out thanks to several features. (144 Hz, location of photo unit, stylus, etc.).

The OnePlus Pad // Source: OnePlus

Today the Cloud 11 conference was held, prior to the MWC in Barcelona. The brand has officially presented its OnePlus 11 that we tested, but also the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 as well as its mechanical keyboard. With this, it lifted the veil on the OnePlus Pad, its first touchscreen tablet. OnePlus promises great things, especially in terms of productivity: enough to make it a true Android alternative to Apple’s iPad Pro?

A slim design with a photo block placed in the middle

The OnePlus Pad is quite different from its competitors with edges that are not sharp, but rather rounded. The edges around the slab are relatively thin for the market (6.54mm), allowing the screen to cover 88% of the front surface. Only one color will be available, namely green.

TheOnePlus Pad // Source: OnePlus

We see in the official images that the front camera is located at the top edge when the tablet is placed in landscape format. Enough to have a more natural scenario for video calls, which is becoming more and more democratized in this type of product. However, the originality of the OnePlus Pad design lies in the rear photographic block. Where all other competitors tend to isolate you in a corner, OnePlus hasn’t made that choice. The Pad’s photo block on the back is centered and therefore invites you to take pictures while holding the tablet horizontally.

TheOnePlus Pad // Source: OnePlus

As for the screen, we are entitled to an 11.61-inch panel that supports Dolby Vision technology. But where the brand is strong is in the refresh rate: 144 Hz. Enough to fully enjoy your video games, but also the cloud gaming which is growing in popularity.

RAM and fast charging for the OnePlus Pad

On the hardware side, the OnePlus Pad is quite well endowed, as it is equipped with MediaTek’s Dimenstity 9000 SoC, which integrates a Cortex-X2 core clocked at 3.05 MHz. RAM is not left out with anything less than 12 GB of RAM. All this will allow you to use the Android operating system with the OxygenOS interface. The big challenge for the brand will be to offer a good software experience with numerous customization options, which competitors may lack today. To talk about audio, we find Dolby Atmos, which is quite classic.

TheOnePlus Pad // Source: OnePlus

As for autonomy, OnePlus announces 14.5 hours of video playback and up to a month of standby autonomy. This is possible thanks to a large 9510 mAh battery. The latter can be recharged at a maximum power of 67 W thanks to the manufacturer’s SuperVOOC technology. According to the manufacturer, this would allow the OnePlus Pad to be fully charged in 80 minutes, which would be very good considering what is being done in the Android tablet market.

What price and release date does OnePlus Pad have?

You should know that the OnePlus Pad will ship with the Stylo stylus and a magnetic keyboard. At the moment, we do not know when the first OnePlus tablet will be available or at what price. Answers “In the next weeks.We envision, however, a high-end price positioning in view of the indicated technical specifications.

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