Big improvements in sight at Apple for inspiration from ChatGPT

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According to clues found in the tvOS code, Apple would pave the way to drastically improve, thanks to AI, Siri’s abilities to understand and generate natural language.

Siri on iPhone // Source: Omid Armin on Unsplash

ChatGPT here, ChatGPT there. The star tool in the race for artificial intelligence is on everyone’s lips. The presentation of GPT-4, the news from Microsoft -specifically about the new Bing-, the Google replicas or the improvement of Midjourney are all elements that also contribute to this 2023 trend. And during this time- what is Apple doing?

Let’s not get excited, for the moment, absolutely nothing suggests that the apple firm is preparing a conversational agent like ChatGPT. However, the smart assistant Siri should be entitled to some big improvements. This is what the specialized site advances 9to5Mac after discovering clues in the beta code of tvOS 16.4, the future update of Apple TV. The goal would be to increase Siri’s ability to understand natural language through more advanced artificial intelligence. So we could talk to him a little more like a real human being.

Catch up with Siri

Thus, in the beta in question, Apple activated a new technology under the code name “Bobcat” for the ” Siri natural language generation “. If the novelty is currently only tested within the framework of Apple TV, 9to5Mac says that discovered elements in the code suggest these features are on the way to the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and HomePod as well.

Generally speaking, it’s how Siri itself works that should change. Currently, Apple’s assistant is based more on pre-established models to respond to this or that request.9to5MacRemember that this has caused engineering and updating concerns for a Siri that has lagged a little behind in recent years in certain aspects compared to other voice assistants such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

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Based on an AI better able to understand and generate natural language, Siri could hope to catch up. On the other hand, at the moment, the tests seem to be done quietly internally and it is not possible to predict when users will start to get a real idea.

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