Bets everything on autonomy, but could pollute to achieve it

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Ram took advantage of the Superbowl to formalize its first electric truck, the 1500 REV. Already announced at CES in Las Vegas in January in the form of a concept car, he should then hunt in the lands of the Tesla Cybertruck and the Ford F-150 Lightning. However, it would be equipped with a range extender, which requires the presence of a heat engine.

Remember, it was early January. Ram then lifted the veil at CES in Las Vegas with a new concept car, which took the form of an electric pickup truck. In the end, it wasn’t long before the production version arrived. In fact, it was during the Superbowl, the unmissable final of the American football season, which took place last night that it was officially introduced.

Cyber ​​Truck Crusher

A smart choice for the manufacturer, which is part of the Stellantis group along with Peugeot, Citroën, Opel and Jeep, while the event brings together every year approximately 100 million Americans. For this reason, during the game, which pitted the Philadelphia Eagles against the Kansas City Chiefs, the firm unveiled its new creation, through an unprecedented one-minute announcement.

For your information, a 30 second spot costs around 6.5 million dollars. Suffice it to say that Ram firmly believes in his pickup, which is none other than his first electric model. The latter sports a slightly smarter silhouette than the concept, though the two vehicles remain fairly close. Note, however, that the light signature has been slightly redesigned, as has the rear.

This one then wants to be a little more conventional, but it does not lack charisma, with its lights that overflow over the large garbage container. Unfortunately, information about its exact size, as well as its carrying capacity, has not yet been revealed. For the record, Tesla announced a length of 1.98 meters for its Cybertruck. It is then much more than the 1.67 and 1.52 meters of the Ford-F-150 Lightning and the GMC Hummer EV.

The brand also continues to be very stingy with information about the driving position. However, this is intended very close to the standard RAM 1500 already marketed. Then we find a large upright central touchscreen, which should logically accommodate the UConnect system, which is also found in the Jeep Avenger, among others. Thus, the truck would be compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

still little information

Unfortunately, RAM still doesn’t want to say too much about this newcomer, while the brand does not reveal any technical information. However, we know that it has a 100% electric motorization and that it is based on the new STLA Frame platform designed by Stellantis. As a reminder, the concept incorporates an 800-volt architecture that allows for very fast charging. Increasingly widespread, it equips, for example, the Porsche Taycan and other Kia EV6s and should be found in the production model.

The load could then reach a maximum power of 350 kW depending on the study style. For comparison, the Tesla Cybertruck could harvest up to 1 MW, from the new Megachargers designed to power the Semi. The battery should show a capacity between 159 and 200 kWh, for a range of up to 800 kilometers according to the American EPA cycle. This one is more pessimistic than our European WLTP, which could result in even more “European” autonomy.

A heat engine to pollute?

The announcement implies the presence of a range extender for certain versions. As a reminder, this requires the integration of a heat engine (gasoline or diesel) that recharges the battery, without having to connect to a charging terminal. But that eliminates one of the specificities of the electric car: its pollution, lower than that of combustion engines. It is the equivalent of a hybrid car.

The advantage is being able to use the pick-up most of the time in 100% electric mode. For long distances, the range extender can be useful, in a remote area that would not benefit from fast charging terminals. But drivers should avoid using this mode and favor electric charging as much as possible. Otherwise, the situation would be the same as in Europe with plug-in hybrid cars polluting much more than expected.

But is such a large autonomy really relevant? Not necessarily, as we explained in a previous article. According to RAM, the truck, which would also compete with the Rivian R1T, would also be equipped with Level 3 autonomous driving. The machine’s output should reach 885 horsepower, but that remains a mere rumor for now. Therefore, we will have to wait a little longer before we find out more.

RAM then announces in its press release deliveries scheduled for Q4 2024, while reservations have just opened. Pricing has yet to be announced by the brand, which is also launching its Rev Insider+ program offering various advantages for 100 dollars (about 93 euros). It remains to be seen if the pickup will be sold in Europe, allowing RAM to compete with General Motors, which plans to come back to us in electric.

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