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To blast your music out by the pool or even host karaoke outside, all without taking the initiative, the party speaker is the ideal device. We have selected the best night-time Bluetooth speakers for you.

JBL PartyBox // Source: JBL

What is the best way to create an outdoor environment without bothering with complex installation? Invest in a party speaker, of course.

These, also called IM DJsound speakers, high power, or even party box, they have a Bluetooth connection and, most of the time, a battery. So they’re ready to use right out of the box: all you have to do is place them in a strategic spot, connect them to your smartphone, and enjoy the music. Most of them also offer audio inputs to add a microphone or a musical instrument, like an electric guitar. Almost all of them are also capable of producing light effects using LEDs. Keep in mind that these speakers are designed for small private parties: their functionalities are based on practicality. They are clearly not intended for professional use, such as concerts.

If these speakers are relatively unknown to the general public, many manufacturers have nevertheless investigated the question, such as JBL, Sony or LG. So which party speaker should you choose to liven up your parties, indoors or out? Here’s our comparison of Sono DJ’s best Bluetooth speakers.

If you just need a small extra speaker to listen to music by the pool, take a look at our selection of the best Bluetooth speakers and portable speakers under $100. If you’d rather outfit your home with one or more connected speakers, head over to our dedicated guide.

JBL PartyBox 310: the reference

We’re not going to hide it, JBL is a bit of a king when it comes to party speakers, thanks to its dedicated range, called the PartyBox. So much so that the word “PartyBox” is commonly used to globally name a nightclub, thus becoming an antonomasia, that is, a term that designates a proper name that has become a common name (such as Scotch or Sopalin).

Our favorite is the JBL Party Box 310. It is the reference speaker for parties, one of the most balanced in the PartyBox range. It develops a good power of 240 Watts. Please note, however, that the loudspeaker will only be able to reach this maximum power if it is connected to the mains.

The 310 stands out with an excellent 18-hour battery life, allowing you to party all night without worrying about being near an electrical outlet. This is heard at 50% volume, with lighting effects as well as “Bass Boost” turned off. Sound quality is good, without even having to turn up the volume. The bass is very present, even a little too much, to the detriment of the treble. This is, however, the typical JBL sound signature.

Connectivity, unsurprisingly, is well provided. Thus, there is a mini-jack auxiliary input, a USB input, a mini-jack input and output for connecting a CD player, for example. But it also has two 6.35mm jack inputs, which can be used to connect a microphone or guitar. If you plan to do karaoke, you can also manage the microphone effects, with the Treble and Echo adjustment knobs. In Bluetooth, PartyBox 310 can be connected to two devices simultaneously. A 12V port has also been added. If you have multiple PartyBoxes, it is possible to link them together.

JBL thought about practicality for this speaker: it is splash-proof (IPX4), it is equipped with a retractable handle and wheels. Another advantage that few night speakers can boast is that it can be installed on top of a tripod. Finally, it is capable of producing a large number of light effects thanks to the LEDs, adjustable via the JBL PartyBox app.

Although certainly not cheap, we can only recommend this famous model that brings together everything you can expect from a late-night speaker.

Highlights of the JBL PartyBox 310:

  • Big power for a compact size
  • Two microphone inputs
  • easily transportable

JBL PartyBox 710: bigger speaker for more power

The Party Box 710 it is a beautiful beast, standing nearly four feet tall in an upright position. Therefore, it will be perfect for hosting a large house party, together with another Partybox, via a cable or wirelessly thanks to True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology. It is capable of delivering 800 watts, the latter powering two 21.6 cm diameter speakers and two 7 cm tweeters. This makes it possible to sound in large rooms without problems and also enjoy powerful bass.

The PartyBox 710 is a good product, however it has a big weak point: it can’t work on battery… because it simply doesn’t have a battery. This detail will make it inadvisable for many, starting with those who want to use it for nomadic outdoor use.

When it comes to light shows, JBL has gone all-out, with customizable, dynamic strobes, as well as flashing and colored patterns via LEDs arranged in a figure-8. Like all PartyBoxes, it’s IPX4 certified and therefore, It can survive accidents with knocked down glass. Like the 310, its wheels and handle allow it to be moved more easily, despite its 28 kg.

It’s a good option if you don’t plan on taking it everywhere, but need power for larger spaces.

Highlights of the JBL PartyBox 710:

  • energy to spare
  • Very varied play of light.
  • under good present

Sony SRS XP500: the affordable alternative

Sony positions itself as a true challenger to JBL with the XP500. The latter offers very similar features to the JBL PartyBox 110, which is the little brother of the 310. However, it is less expensive, with equivalent performance.

The SRS XP500 develops a more sober design than the JBL, neat and typical of Sony, which many will like. The play of light is diffused through two LED strips located at the level of the two large carrying handles. These are more decorative than anything else and still quite discreet, not meant for lighting.

Sony has strangely chosen not to communicate the number of watts in its XP series speakers. So it’s impossible to know what power it will be able to deliver, but we can generally compare it to the audio power of the JBL 110, which is 160W.

The brand promises 20 hours of battery life, not to mention that it benefits from fast charging. 10 minutes in a wait will allow it to last approximately 1 hour.

The strengths of the Sony SRS XP500:

  • a design on
  • Sony build quality
  • good autonomy

LG XBOOM ON9: big watts for big sound

For its part, the LG brand has also created a range of specific speakers. The latter is called XBOOM. and in the OL100, LG clearly “blows the Watts”: 1800, to be precise, not counting the dual 8-inch woofer. It is an imposing enclosure of more than a meter in height.

In addition to the impressive sound power it delivers, this model offers something different from other speakers: DJ functions, usable through the knobs located on the top or from the associated application. The karaoke functions are also very advanced: you can independently adjust the volume of the music and the microphone, or even reduce the level of the vocals in a song thanks to the “Voice Canceller” function.

As for lighting, this speaker stands out again by allowing light to be projected onto the wall. We regret, however, the organization of the upper control panel, perhaps a little logical in the grip, in particular in the location of the wheels. On the connection side, there are USB ports, jack ports, micro ports… as well as a CD player and multipoint Bluetooth. The top for a great night out.

The strengths of the LG XBOOM ON9:

  • Perfect for sounding large spaces.
  • Interesting karaoke features
  • A good price-performance ratio

LG XBOOM 360 RP4: the stylish and budget option

The LG XBOOM 360 RP4 it’s a little different. It will be less “party” oriented, in particular because it does not have a microphone input and treble and echo management. But in addition to Bluetooth, it still offers a jack port and a USB port. It will be more of a terrace enclosure, for a pleasant atmosphere. It must be said that its design is for once very worked, and quite original. LG has based everything on the principle of 360° streaming sound. The design continues like this, with a rounded enclosure that is very reminiscent of an oil lamp.

It remains very easily transportable, thanks to its compact size (50 cm high) and a rounded handle on the top. It manages just as well in sound, and will still be able to correctly provide sound in your garden or living room: it is equipped with a 13 cm mid-woofer and a 2.5 cm tweeter, powered by a 120 amplifier. W. On the side of the luminous atmosphere, LG has placed a kind of cone in the center, which creates a soft ambient lighting, in line with the music.

Regarding autonomy, it will not be necessary on the other hand to expect wonders and settle for the 10 hours proposed. This model will have the advantage of being able to be used all year round on a daily basis: thanks to its pleasant and discreet appearance, it will not stand out in the middle of a living room.

The strengths of the LG XBOOM 360 RP4:

  • an original design
  • an affordable price
  • A softer lighting atmosphere

Choosing the right party speaker

What are the possible uses of a party speaker?

As the name suggests, the night speaker will be perfect for hosting parties. But unlike the Hi-Fi speaker in your living room, this one can be placed wherever you want. Therefore, these large speakers will be intended in particular for outdoor use, for example if you are planning a small party in your garden. On this occasion, they can also be coupled. But they can also be useful if you are hosting an event in a town hall or occasionally inside a country house. If you plan to move it regularly, take a good look at whether the speaker you are interested in is wireless or not.

Finally, if you are a fan of karaoke, they will be able to perfectly accompany your passionate songs thanks to the dedicated microphone inputs. They can also troubleshoot connecting an electrical instrument.

Light effects, karaoke, DJ… what are the different functions?

Light effects are available on most party speakers. But they are more or less numerous and varied, present only on the front face or also on the sides… They can be fixed, intermittent, create certain patterns or even follow the rhythm of the music in progress. Some models even have LEDs that project light, for example to create strobe effects, just to transform your living room into a nightclub on the Croisette. As a general rule, they can be configured very precisely through the mobile application made available by the brand (JBL Partybox, Sony Music Center, LG XBOOM, etc.). The larger speakers also offer hobbyist DJ features.

How many Watts to choose according to the size of my living room/garden?

The higher the number of watts, the higher the maximum load capacity of the speaker. In short, the amount of Watts determines the maximum achievable sound volume. The more sensitive a speaker is, based on data expressed in decibels (dB), the less power it will need to produce loud sound.

So how do you know how many watts are needed for your home? It is accepted that 3 to 5 Watts per square meter is needed, in a closed place. Therefore, a room of 30 square meters will require about 100 W. Outside, the sound is scattered, of course, more, we count rather 7-10 W per square meter.

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