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Just introduced at the Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona, ​​Honor’s Magic 5 Pro ranks first in the DXOMARK review site’s photo and video ranking. A performance notably marked by a very good capture speed and very good details even at telephoto and ultra wide angle.

The Honor Magic 5 Pro ranks first in the DXOMARK photo/video ranking. // Source: Frandroid

The Honor Magic 5 Pro has just been presented at the Mobile World Congress 2023, which is already at the top of a ranking DXOMARK ! The review site has entered the latest addition of the Chinese brand directly to the top of the best smartphones in photo and video.

With an overall score of 152, the Magic 5 Pro sits ahead of smartphone photography heavyweights: the Huawei Mate 50 Pro (score 149), the latest flagship from the Chinese manufacturer, and the Google Pixel. 7 Pro (score of 147). which impressed us with its versatility. It’s also three places behind Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro (score 146).

some more points

It is, moreover, in front of the latter that DXOMARK he regularly compares the smartphone from Honor in his detailed test. On paper, the iPhone 14 Pro and Honor Magic 5 Pro are equipped with the same modules: a wide angle, an ultra wide angle and a telephoto lens, although Honor offers a 3.5x optical zoom compared to 3x on the iPhone.

In detail, the Magic 5 Pro score of 152 is divided into several scores depending on the category evaluated. in photography, DXOMARK rates it at 154 (compared to 143 for the iPhone 14 Pro). Honor’s top-of-the-line product scores the site’s highest for exposure, texture, and digital noise, but falls a bit below the iPhone in colorimetry.

An HDR (too?) effective

If we move away from the numbers, the Honor Magic 5 Pro shines above all in the versatility of its photographic modules. In use, DXOMARK gives you the edge in all situations: outdoors, indoors, in low light, and for group shots and portraits.

Outdoors and in bright light, Honor’s smartphone offers a different rendering than the iPhone 14 Pro. Where the latter obstructs the sky a bit in some cases, the Magic 5 Pro’s HDR mode still preserves a detailed sky. To the point of sometimes losing contrast: in a photo taken under an arch of the Louvre Palace, Honor’s zeal illuminates the shadows too much, where the iPhone does the opposite, but transforms a blue sky into a white sky.

better colorimetry

The site’s test also praises the smartphone cameras’ capture speed, with almost zero shutter lag and almost always accurate autofocus (except in Bokeh mode). Likewise, he praises Honor’s improvement in its color reproduction, especially in skin tones, compared to the previous Magic 4 Ultimate… although DXOMARK Note that it doesn’t always work.


DXOMARKalso notice asometimes unpleasant texture rendering on faces“. However, the new flagship of Honor succeeds better in this exercise than the iPhone 14 Pro when you zoom in on the image, better distinguishing between the hair and the skin of the photographed subject.

always more details

This is the other advantage of the Honor Magic 5 Pro compared to its competitor: its three modules have a definition of 50 megapixels, where we are quite used to seeing this quality of detail limited to the main module. Compared to the iPhone 14 Pro and its 12-megapixel telephoto and ultra-wide angle, the Chinese smartphone consistently offers more detail once you zoom in.

The two kings of photography, however, stand out for their approach to indoor photography, especially in low light conditions. In front of a coffee table barely illuminated by a night lamp, the Magic 5 Pro chooses to capture a realistic scene without reducing the shadows, to the point of not distinguishing part of the photo.

By contrast, the iPhone 14 Pro captures more light and therefore more detail, but offers a slightly less realistic rendering. Two approaches that mainly depend on individual preferences. On the other hand, the Magic 5 Pro produces much less digital noise than its competitor, even in low light.

The best Android smartphone on video

In the latest round, the Magic 5 Pro still trails the iPhone 14 Pro when it comes to video quality, scoring 144 vs. 149. Apple’s product remains the king in this category, with four top scores out of 7 Honor only beats the iPhone in terms of artifact reduction, but that doesn’t stop it from being called “best android device for recording motion pictures».

On the other hand, we will have to wait until the second quarter of 2023 to get the Honor Magic 5 Pro in France: it will be sold at a price of 1,199 euros in a single version with 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage.

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