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A Discord update contains a bug: PCs using an Nvidia graphics card slow down their performance. Problem for an application widely used by gamers.

Small hiccup for Discord and one of the latest updates to the chat software. Netizens have discovered that Nvidia graphics cards become less efficient after the update.

And for good reason, the software creates a lock on the memory frequency of graphics cards, reducing it by 200 MHz.

How to correct the problem

Nvidia has opened an investigation into the matter. Discord’s software recently received a major update to integrate support for the AV1 codec much touted by the creator of the GeForce.

Pending a Discord update or graphics drivers to improve the situation, Nvidia offers a patch.

This involves downloading and installing the Nvidia GeForce 3D Profile Manager software.

Then you need to click on “Export SLI Profiles” from this software and save the concerned file to your storage.

Source: Nvidia

Then, it is enough to open the text file created a moment ago, look for the “Discord” section (CTRL+F) and indicate the following line “ID_0x50166c5e = 0x00000000”.

Save the modifications and import the modified file from GeForce 3D Profile Manager.

Once these operations are done, your graphics card should recover its performance. The two companies should offer an update soon to fix all of this without hacking.

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