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Lenovo is unfolding another future for the laptop before our eyes at MWC 2023. The screen is not foldable, but unrollable and it is quite promising.

The Lenovo Motorola group was not satisfied with an impressive smartphone with a rollable screen. The firm is also exhibiting a PC with the same concept under its Lenovo brand at MWC. On this occasion, the roll-up screen acquires another dimension.

Alright here we talk! As an alternative to foldable screens, Lenovo is showing off a foldable screen PC at MWC 2023! 🤩

— Cassim Ketfi (@NotCassim) February 27, 2023

A scroll up or down screen below the keyboard

At first glance, the PC looks like a classic laptop equipped with a 12.7-inch screen in 4:3 format with a definition of 2024 x 1604 pixels.

It is under its keyboard where it hides its secret: a screen extension ready to unfold to extend the visualization of the machine. We are then left with a 15.3-inch screen in 8:9 format with a definition of 2024 x 2368 pixels. It’s simple, it’s the equivalent of two superimposed 16:9 screens.

What the manufacturer is presenting under a hood is for the moment a simple prototype. The technology seems very functional, the prototype relaxing its screen and saving it every few minutes throughout the show for several days. However, in actual use, we would immediately raise the question of the solidity of the assembly.

Just like in the smartphone that uses the same technology, when the screen takes its full size, the machine seems to create a weak point in the hinge. Indeed, when the screen is extended, the bottom of the slab is no longer protected by the frame and we discover it in all its delicacy and fragility.

Still, Lenovo manages to convince us of the potential of its technology here. During our test of the Asus ZenBook 17 Fold, we found out what, for us, represents the future of the laptop. Lenovo shows us here that another future is possible.

Our journalist Cassim Ketfi is in Barcelona to cover MWC 2023 in its entirety, but is present as part of a press trip organized by Qualcomm.

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