at €379, the Honor Magic 5 Lite has just arrived

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With its Magic 5 Lite, Honor has something to shake up the competition. The manufacturer has understood what is expected of a smartphone in 2023: monstrous autonomy, an excellent photographic module and, above all, an attractive price. For its launch, the Honor Magic 5 Lite is thus offered at 379 euros.

Two days of battery life, all in an ultra-slim chassis, that’s the promise of the new Honor Magic 5 Lite. A cadet of the new Magic 5 range, the Lite model has it all. Because in addition to its 48 hours of autonomy, it is equipped with a more than efficient 64-megapixel main photographic module. For its launch it presents a very attractive price of 379 euros.

An ultra-slim and elegant design

To be forgotten in your pocket without skimping on manufacturing quality: this is Honor’s commitment to this new mid-range smartphone. With a thickness of 7.9mm and 175 grams at the clock, the Honor Magic 5 Lite is a stylish product with a premium look. For less than 400 euros, no concessions have been made in appearance.

At the front we enjoy a beautiful 6.67-inch curved OLED screen with an adaptive refresh rate of 120 Hz, something rare in this price range. This large screen will allow you to comfortably surf the internet or watch your favorite series in transport and surprise yourself.

Slim and light, the Honor Magic 5 Lite is a joy to hold. // Source: Honor

At the rear, the back of the Honor Magic 5 Lite has been designed like that of a high-end smartphone. Matt frame, glossy colors black, green and silver (respectively midnight black, Emerald Green and Titanium Silver), the smartphone is completed with an imposing round photo module, a hallmark of high-end Honor smartphones. This includes three sensors to make sure you take the best photos in any situation.

Above average battery life

But Honor’s true tour de force doesn’t stop there. Under the thin and light case of it hides a battery with an impressive capacity of 5100 mAh. A capacity rarely achieved both in this price range and in such a slim format. The promise is tempting: the Honor Magic 5 Lite is capable of lasting two days in a row without having to recharge your mobile.

With 5100 mAh and 40W fast charging, the Honor Magic 5 Lite has enough to last two days. // Source: Honor

In addition to the longevity of the charge, Honor has thought of those who do not like to leave their smartphone charging for hours and has equipped its latest model with 40 W fast charging. The security of recovering 100% battery in as little as only an hour and a half. half. Did you go away for the weekend without taking a charger? Good news, your Honor Magic 5 Lite should last until you get back.

An ambitious photographic module

On the back of the smartphone we find the wide circle of the triple photographic module. Present in this configuration in many of the brand’s products, it has become almost an aesthetic signature. In the Magic 5 Lite, it allows to harmoniously distribute the three photo sensors of the smartphone.

A versatile round photographic module. // Source: Honor.

On the right side of this circle is the main and most visible sensor. It has a definition of 64 megapixels for excellent quality shots, with adequate colorimetry and remarkable sharpness. A very good asset for photography lovers who want beautiful photos without spending more than 1000 euros. On the left we find the 5-megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor and at the top, the 2-megapixel macro sensor will ensure close-ups as well as depth of field for your portrait photos.

A configuration that does not compromise

Underneath the case is a Snapdragon 695 chip associated with 6 GB of RAM (+ 5 GB of virtual RAM with the HONOR RAM Turbo function) and 128 GB of storage memory. It’s a combo that has proven its worth over the past few months in our benchmarks in terms of performance. Not only does it allow most of the current games to work correctly (from Fortnite TO marvel snap going by genshin impact), but also guarantees compatibility with the 5G of the Honor Magic 5 Lite.

With its 6+128 GB configuration, you will be able to store your most beautiful images. // Source: Honor

For its price of 379.90 euros, the Honor Magic 5 Lite has an almost unbeatable value for money. It combines a solid technical sheet, a monstrous autonomy, all in an ultra-thin chassis. For its launch, Honor offers its Magic 5 Lite at only 379 euros. However, the smartphone will soon be available on the manufacturer’s website, and an attractive introductory offer seems to be on the horizon…

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