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This is undoubtedly one of the most important models for Volkswagen in the coming years. Still presented in concept car form, the Volkswagen ID. 2all announces the arrival of an affordable urban electric car from the German manufacturer that could bear the name of ID.2 or ID. Golf. What will shadow the future electric Renault 5? For less than 25,000 euros, there are possibilities.

Volkswagen ID.2all // Source: Volkswagen

Even though it’s a Selfconcept, this is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated models of this year. It’s about the VW ID. 2all, a model that announces the arrival of the small economic electric Volkswagen, the famous Volkswagen ID. 2 which could also be called ID. Golf. Here is the one that will succeed the Volkswagen e-UP. Unless we leave that role to a hypothetical Volkswagen ID.1.

Although it is not the final version, which will not arrive for another two years, the head of Volkswagen announces that This model should start at a price of less than 25,000 euros. And that’s without counting the possible ecological bonus!

Volkswagen ID.2all // Source: Volkswagen

EC Selfconcept therefore anticipates the design and lines of the series model whose production will begin in 2025, in Spain. As you can see in the photos, we are quite far from the concept cars classics with tense and sometimes even cartoonish lines. We are in the presence of a model that seems aesthetically very close to the production version.

A true electric city car

During the presentation of the model, Volkswagen specifies that it relied on three main pillars that are stability, kindness and enthusiasm. The least we can say is that the Volkswagen ID.2 is very different from the sometimes criticized Volkswagen ID.3, and even more generally from other Volkswagen electric productions.

The Volkswagen ID concept. 2all also moves away from the ID concept. Life unveiled at the 2021 Munich Motor Show and originally intended to announce the styling of the future ID.2 series. Remember, the styling was quite cubical, sometimes even a bit playful, but obviously the comments about design bias didn’t pan out as expected.

The ID.2 all concept is more in the vein of a conservatism concept, and could very well be the direct descendant of the Polo. It is also from the Polo that the ID.2 takes all its dimensions. She measures 4.0 meters longwhich will allow it to fit into the segment of electric urban cars.

A cabin finally leveled?

As you surely know, the interior of the Volkswagen ID.3 did not meet with unanimous approval, for many reasons, in particular the quality of certain materials and the ergonomics of the controls. Volkswagen seems to have corrected the situation, as we recently observed in the ID.7 prototype in particular, and even more so in the ID. 2all.

We continue to find a large 10.9-inch central touch screen, but the novelty, it is the disappearance of the tiny instrumentation screen for the return of a large 12.9-inch screen.

Below the infotainment screen, visibly encouraged by a new version of the Volkswagen software, it’s a physical dial to manage the volume of the radio and climate controls. The engineers seem to have paid attention to the feedback from the press and customers about their first electric models, which were far from ergonomic models.

Although it is a concept, Volkswagen delivers many interesting facts about its product, starting with the volume of the trunk. We’ll come back to this later, but the ID. 2all is based on a platform dedicated to electric cars, with therefore particularly careful work with regard to habitability.

Volkswagen announces a capacity of 440 litersand even up 490 liters including double bottom. That’s 110 liters more than a Volkswagen Golf VIII (380 liters) that is 28 cm longer and 105 liters more than an ID.3 (385 liters) that is 26 cm longer.

A recharge in just 20 minutes

The Volkswagen ID.2 does not inaugurate a new platform in the strict sense, the manufacturer having lagged behind on this issue, it is based on the MEB, but declined in its version called “Entry”. What differentiates it from other MEBs is the presence of an electric motor coupled to the front axle and not to the rear as is the case with the electric ones in the current range.

According to figures presented by Volkswagen, the engine develops 166kW (226 channels) and is powered by a battery that promises Range of 450 km, the details of which have not yet been revealed. All we know is that it will take about 20 minutes to go from 10 to 80% charge. So we imagine that it is the MEB platform in its Evo version, or MEB+, which allows the maximum charging power to be increased to 200 kW without using an 800 volt architecture.

It will probably be the “small” battery from the old ID.3 which was 58 kWh. This battery should also return to the German electric compact soon at lower prices.

The MEB Entry platform is not lésine pas sur les technologies, because the ID.2 aura le droit à de nombres uses ADAS like the next generation of Travel Assist, the headlights Matrix LED IQ.LIGHT, the feux arrière 3D LED, or encore le ParkAssist Further.

Release date and price

As stated above, The price of this model should start at 25,000 euros, excluding the ecological bonus in force depending on the country. In France, in 2025, the ecological bonus will probably not exceed 5,000 euros, but if it still exists, the base price could be even more interesting.

What will undoubtedly eclipse the future electric Renault 5, which will occupy the same segment and which will also start at the same price. An SUV version of the ID.2 is also planned, a bit like the T-Cross for today’s Polo in Volkswagen’s thermal range.

You should also play on the field of the future Tesla Model 2, Elon Musk’s famous compact car, which is expected to sell for around $25,000. But who is still waiting?

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