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Ayman is a 19-year-old student who was able to buy Xiaomi smartphones at very attractive prices thanks to the promotions he patiently created himself for several months through the Mi Store application. He tells us about his technique.

Behind the profile picture of Professor Layton, a student who creates promotions at Xiaomi // Source: Frandroid

« You have to be determined enough. That’s almost an understatement. Ayman, a 19-year-old student in Paris, summarizes in these terms the state of mind in which he is building, brick by brick, his bargains on Xiaomi products that interest him. It is in the course of a conversation in the Discord of frandroid Let this reader explain his technique to us, which requires a lot of patience and a good dose of perseverance.

Let’s put a little context. On our social networks, we asked a fairly simple question: what was the best deal of your life on the purchase of a technological product? We received several interesting responses on Instagram, Twitter and therefore Discord. Thank you all! Among them, we were particularly struck by Ayman’s comment, “AyRo” as a pseudonym and an image of Professor Layton as a profile picture.

You have to go looking for the Mi Points every day. After a year, you can do real robberies. When there are promotions I don’t even tell you, you can combine basic discount + discount voucher + My Points[…].

Briefly described, the trick seems as ingenious as it is tedious. We have a private conversation with AyRo so that he can describe his methodology a little more. The discussion confirms our first impressions: his little ploy is really simple and effective, but you have to be very determined to get a good deal and be rigorous every day for several months.

The Xiaomi Mi Points trick

To understand, you must first know what Mi Points are. This is a system implemented by Xiaomi to reward people who drive the brand’s community. Therefore, you earn Mi Points when you download the Mi Store app, buy products from the manufacturer, share a link or leave comments. Mi Points can be used to obtain price reductions.

Where is the catch in that? “It’s very simple AyRo tells us. In the Account tab of the Mi Store app, there is a Mi Points section. In this, “every day you have to collect a kind of llama that fills a fuel gauge by one notch and awards 2 Mi Points“. The indicator in question is used to drive a spaceship piloted by Xiaomi’s pet rabbit.

«Once the meter is full, after seven days, you receive 50 Mi Points in addition to the two Mi Points for the day.“. During certain promotional periods, such as Black Friday, or even during the month of your birthday, it is possible to accumulate even more points. These Mi Points can be converted into discount coupons. For example, spending 60 Mi Points gives you a voucher from EUR 10. You can also spend the points directly at the time of purchase: a Mi Point will be worth a penny.

Mi Points are converted into coupons // Source: AyRo (via Frandroid’s Discord)

In any case, you have to be very patient when you want to enjoy a substantial discount. And this is where AyRo’s perseverance comes into play.

533 euros instead of 749

AyRo did this almost daily for a year.”more or less, maybe a little less». bathroom, “For my basic Xiaomi Mi 11 it cost me 749 euros. There was a discount displayed at 50 euros. With a coupon + My Points, it went up to 533 euros“. Share a screenshot of your invoice in which we see that the only “Mi Points compensation“It allowed him to lower the bill from 116.36 euros exactly.

The invoice indicates that the Mi Points allowed a reduction of 116 euros // Source: AyRo (via Frandroid’s Discord)

There was even “a free case and a Xiaomi T-shirt in the boxhe says, punctuating his sentence with a hilarious emoji. A little later, after stoppinga certain time“, he repeat. “My poor brother still had an Honor 8X whose battery swelled so much that the glass on the back popped out. Having taken pity, then I began to accumulate again [les Mi Points ; NDLR] for 6 or 8 months.»

There again, he signs a nice promotion, because he couldincrease the price from 399 euros to 307 eurosfor his brother’s Poco F4. “which is not badto quote it. We refer again to the determination that he himself mentions. “Then just go once a day to the app and click on an icon, it’s done quickly“, he qualifies. The opportunity to emphasize that it is not the action itself that makes AyRo’s testimony original, but its repetition over and over again until a substantial promotion is achieved.

Xiaomi community

AyRo’s anecdote also highlights the importance of these little things implemented by Xiaomi to build an active community. The brand knows that it has fans, really, that it knew how to unite even before its official arrival in France. And the aggressive prices he often charges don’t alone explain his enthusiasm. There’s also slick communication, notably via forums, brick-and-mortar stores (which, however, have closed), and smart levers like Mi Points.

To earn Mi Points, you need to launch the Mi Store app and be an active member of the community. It’s a way like any other of doing what we call tribal marketing. A process where a brand gets its customers to advertise their products themselves. So, of course, in the case of AyRo, we could say that the 19-year-old student is losing money to Xiaomi with his big promotions.

xiaomi mi 11
AyRo was able to create a great promotion on the Xiaomi Mi 11 // Source: Frandroid

However, we can also see it from two other angles, more interesting for the manufacturer. On the one hand, AyRo uses a system that makes it prefer the purchase of a Xiaomi smartphone to that of a competitor. On the other hand, your testimonial potentially makes other people want to emulate you and ultimately allow Xiaomi to recruit more customers. Whether through word of mouth or this excellent article fromfrandroidWhat are you currently reading?

Finally, keep in mind that many people don’t make it to AyRo and use Mi Points to buy other less expensive products at very low prices, like connected light bulbs, for example.

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